Chanel Jumbo Flap in Blush! MEE TOO!

  1. I called up Selena and Jamie's/Sunshines' SA in Chicago and he is a terrific guy, love him!! He is looking for the Blush for me too! I missed his call yesterday so I will call him when they open and hopefully find out if he found my Blush Jumo or if he found a NY/Paris Expandable Cream distressed Flap for me???? I'lll take what I can get! So pls. keep your fingers crossed for me, I will let you guys know what happens and I'll share my pic's hopefully!
    Selena & Jamie...will you be my new best friends???? Isn't this all too exciting????:yahoo:
  2. i am crossing my fingers for you.....
  3. absloutely--fingers and toes crossed--beautiful bag! hope you get it!
  4. Thanx guys! My luck usually sucks, but I must be optomistic here!
  5. He will find it for you I know it!! He is great at finding things for me!! He sent me the nicest card this week as well. (I always appreciate that) Let us know!! I will be waiting to here!! Make sure and tell him I said Im sorry he is in the middle of ice hell while Im going to lay out and work on my tan today!! (I want to have good color for my masquearade ball Tuesday!!) I will keep checking back today to see if you got it!! WOO HOO!! You will LOVE IT!!
  6. I hope you get it!! I bet you will. If not try Bergdorfs...they are the other store who got that color. KEEP TRYING! Its totally worth the hunt! :smile:
    Keep us posted!
  7. keeping my fingers crossed for you too.
  8. Good Luck !!!!!!
  9. Good luck! I love that bag!
  10. Good luck !!!!!! I would love to see a Blush Jumbo !!!
  11. There is absolutely no selling on tPF.
  12. good luck, keykey!! i hope that phone call turns out really really well!
  13. good luck!!! i'm keeping my fingers crossed for youu!
  14. Wish you the best of luck!!! Blush is such a beautiful color!!!
  15. Good luck ... I don't blame you for wanting that bag, selena's pics of her blush jumbo flap are just gorgeous!:drool: