CHANEL: Jumbo Flap Bag in Red w/ Gold Hardware

  1. I am in search of the classic jumbo flap bag in red with gold hardware. I LOVE that bag and i can't find it anywhere. I live in Orange County and none of the department stores: Neiman Marcus, Bloomie's, Saks carry them... nor do the actual Chanel boutiques at South Coast or Beverly Hills. Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills was the only one that got 3 of them... and they were sold to ppl. on the waiting list.... Can anyone help? Thanks! =):smile:
  2. Red Jumbos are long gone unfortunately and even from this past year I don't think they made the Red ones with Gold hw, but I could be wrong. Your best bet is to search eBay in hopes of finding a Red with Gold hw Chanel. I just bought a vintage Red with Gold hw tassel bag on ebay so that color combo is out there. Finding a Jumbo for a good price though in that color may be rather difficult. Good luck!!!
  3. They are long gone. I actually looked for a few months and was unable to grab one. Short or eBay or a really late return, I don't know what do tell you. Oh, I looked for one with silver, but I'd have accepted gold at this point. I don't think the bag is floating around anywhere.
  4. I think you're only option is the reseller route!