Chanel jumbo defect?

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  1. Is there anyone who can relate? As I was putting away my jumbo. I was touching the bottom edges of the purse and to my surprise, I can hear clicking sounds as I press the bottom board. I'm not sure what to call it. Can any of you ladies and gentlemen grab you Chanel flap and press down on the edges. Let me know if you hear any sounds. I would describe it as the hard board being loose. This purse was purchase 10 days ago. It took me 3 Chanel flaps to get this bag. I choose this because it was perfect from th inside out. But the noise.... It makes me wonder if it is normal. Help!
  2. My have not had that experience. Where did you purchase it? Fora bag this expensive, it should be flawless!!
  3. Is it something you will ever push on? Not sure it would bother me personally.
  4. Hello ladies, it was purchase at Las Vegas Bellagio boutique. I've returned it. The defect is located at the bottom base of the purse. The first half doesn't have that clicking sound. As I move my thumb down, while pressing firmly. I can clearly hear it clicking. And yes for a price tag like that. It shouldn't be like that. For me it bothered me, I couldn't sleep. The SA told me I couldn't return it because I had multiple returns. And on top of that she was going by the original date of my first purchase. I was upset! I told her, this a a different bag, with a different invoice receipt. And therefore I'm still within the 14 day grace period. I think she was just afraid to loose her commission. Anyways.... I walked in the boutique. Asked for the same SA. Instead the manager on duty was the one who assist me. As I was waiting, I saw my SA. I said I'm sorry for being picky. In response..... She replied "it's ok and smiled" she ignored me the whole time while I was waiting on the manager to process the refund. I get annoyed when they tell me it's handcraft, they're all different and blah, BLAH! I told the manager. It doesn't matter. Quality control should not pass that. I think there is a discrimination going on there. If you are local. The SA will sale you the return bags to resale. I say that because the first one was obviously used. Second purse.... Well the stitch was loose and the third one, oh my gosh!!!! It was horrible!!! The purse was clearly all worng series number on that was in the 21. Chain was off
    ( it was short ) it was not puffy, uneven quilt. It was pretty much flat. Inside was so small. It was just a weird bag. Just when I was about to give up on the third round. All of a sudden she text me and said " hey guess what? We have new shipments" I found that odd.

    If I'm not mistaken. I think they save the good ones for the tourist . I don't know....... But what ever. The fourth purse, everything was perfect, except for the bottom base. I returned it and I'm not stressed out anymore. It's true. Chanel's quality is not there at all.
  5. @swanky mama of three. You have to press firmly with your thumb. Press the bottom edges (back side). That is how I discovered the flap was a defect.