Chanel Jumbo Classic

  1. Hello everyone! I just bought a pre-owned chanel jumbo, I just want to know the exact size of jumbo lambskin? & jumbo caviar? and if you can also give me the measurement of Large size so I can compare their difference. here's the pic of my jumbo lambskin, I think it's vintage, if anyone can tell me also what year is this? pls help me because this is my first time to buy a pre-owned chanel bag. Thanks !!!
    Chanel jumbo.jpg
  2. What is the hologram sticker or card number? We can determine the age of the bag once we know this number.
  3. Congrats!! Is this the one I saw from Multiply Site???
  4. Well...i think this is the number in the card #3736555. If you could help me what year is this...I hope this helps. thanks
  5. I am not sure the exact year, but it is from the 1995-1996 timeframe.
  6. OMG, it's really vintage huh!!! Is this a good buy? Is vintage chanel bags still a good buy. I really dont have any idea about this. :confused1:
  7. MaryAnne...i think i know you!!! aha!!!!:nuts::heart:
  8. I am not sure what you paid, but most vintage classics are cheaper than buying a newer version. However, buying an authentic vintage Chanel bag is awesome.
  9. that's pretty cool, congrats!
  10. Thanks Guys!! Now I appreciate vintage bags especially if it's a CHANEL!! Now I'm loving it...:yes:
  11. amour you are funny!! its like you caught someone with a big secret lol