Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap - too big for night?

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  1. I wouldn’t worry if the bag is too show offy and you should wear it with confident. However, I would advise against the jumbo if you plan on taking it to the bars- it is just way too big and people will constantly bump into it. And definitely no the the clubs!! For one, it will get really heavy and secondly, everyone and their mom will be bumping into it. Jumbo for dinner is okay if it is a casual place, otherwise you are better off with a smaller bag.
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  2. It just depends on what you like to carry in the evenings. I have a 227 reissue which is comparable in size to the Jumbo. I normally only use it during the day, but I have used it at night and think it's fine to do so. I typically use a small classic flap for evenings out, as I don't need to haul a bunch of stuff around. :smile:
  3. I carry my Jumbo for dinners out, theater events, bday celebrations, etc. For more formal events, though, I use my YSL clutch. I feel that the jumbo (mine’s in caviar) is too casual for a fancy wedding or event.