Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap - too big for night?

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  1. I want a bag I can use both for day and night and I have always wanted a Chanel Classic Flap Bag, but I'm worried that it might be too big for night time?
  2. I would say that depends on your choice of activities on a given night. If you're going to a nice dinner out, the symphony, etc., I would consider my Jumbo to be a fine size. If you regularly do things like attend live shows, or hang out at the bar, then I'd say it's not a convenient size for activities that are crowded and close quarters with others. I love my Jumbo and my Maxi, but they do tend to get bumped in crowds. However, my smaller Chanels don't fit my everyday "real life" (meaning all the crap I haul around), so for me, the Jumbo would get more use.
  3. I have a Jumbo Classic flap and a WOC and the combo is perfect. I love the Jumbo more but the WOC is the perfect bag for site seeing, dressed up evenings out etc... if you can purchase both it really covers most all your needs. Add a Deauville tote to the mix and Babam, you are ready for all occasions LOL!
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  4. I totally agree with the other replies. I take my jumbo out evenings if it’s dinner, or somewhere I’m not standing up or crowded, as it can be a little bulky.
    For other occasions like travelling or shopping, I take my WOC and wear it cross body. For bars and more formal events I shorten the chain on my WOC or use it like a clutch.

    Good luck with your decision!
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  5. Totally true.....this is how I “justified” my WOC! :lol:
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  6. I have a jumbo flap and WOC too. Jumbo is used for casual dinners and its a good bag as it has decent capacity. For more formal occasions and weddings i use the WOC. The WOC is also great for shopping or if you have children as you can really be hands free.
  7. I was thinking that I would buy a YSL clutch or small Kate bag for more formal occasions. I want to use the Jumbo as a more day to day bag. I'm just worried that if I take it bars, clubbing, etc. at night it might seem too show-offy (if that makes sense). I considered the medium but it's too small for work and I feel that the Jumbo is a bit more versatile and I'll get more use out of it.
  8. Side note: I'm planning on getting it in caviar, which looks a bit more casual to me than the lambskin.
  9. And the caviar is so easy and durable! I love it. I think a YSL clutch (or any other bag that size) would be a great alternative for going out, and you can use the Jumbo for the rest of the time.
  10. I have the jumbo, a WOC and and YSL clutch with chain. I love all 3 of them, but I have to say that I find the WOC much more versatile than YSL clutch with chain. This is because of the longer strap on the WOC, allowing it to be used more casually in cross body form for shopping or travelling and shortened for more formal events. Whereas my YSL clutch I could only use for a night out or special event because it looks more formal and the strap is considerably shorter so can’t be worn cross body.

    But definitely for more day bag, the Jumbo is hands down the right choice, but I do find my jumbo really heavy to carry if I’m walking around considerably.

    Good luck with your choice, I’m sure you’ll love whatever you choose
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  11. Jumbo has good capacity so it's great as an everyday bag. I found the WOC too small for me so would prefer the rectangular mini or even the medium for going out (though most people cannot wear the medium crossbody.) Hope that helps :smile:
  12. I agree with the others. I have worn my jumbo for nice dinners, dates, musicals, weddings . Mine is black caviar with shw. I think it's classy enough for that. But when going to bars or tight places, or when I used to go clubbing (lol) I sometimes carrier my m/l. I have taken my WOC to weddings that are long distance weddings because it's easier to travel with.

    Looking back , i think you can do whatever you want and carry it whenever you want .
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  13. The jumbo is a little on the heavy side, but it can be used both day and night (depending on the type of event). The M/L is more versatile IMO.
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  14. Same!!
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  15. This! I have a jumbo and an M/L and the M/Lis more versatile to me. Also smaller bags are more on trend so I tend to reach for my mL more, looks a bit more comtemporary maybe?