Chanel Jumbo Caviar- out of shape =(

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I bought a Chanel jumbo caviar (double flap) on tradesy for $3300 which I think is a great price considering they are selling for 4.5k +

    I recieved the bag today and the bag doesn't have the "box" shape. I am guessing it wasn't stored properly. I contacted a ocal handbag/shoe store that fixes designer items and have great reviews. They said they can put on a base board on the bottom so it keeps its shape for $65. Do you think I should get it fixed or maybe use purse organizer or just return it?

  2. Absolutely return it. It's as flat as a pancake. I wouldn't be happy with that at all.
  3. how old is the bag? lots of my bags have been brought back from flatness with just proper stuffing again and my own base shapers made from acrylic. it does look like it was improperly stored, but for such a high price tag you should be happy with everything. if you think it'll bother you then probably return it. if you are willing to work with it then i would try a home remedy first for free, just proper stuffing for a few weeks, before investing in a base shaper or local person to help
  4. I just received it yesterday. I stuffed it with bubble wrap and it has expanded and forming more box like shape. I am glad to hear it's possible - other than the shape, its in pretty great condition. I bought 2/3 of it with my tradesy credit and I haven't seen the bag at this price. I stuffed it with my daily essentials and this is how it looks-

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  5. =(

    Thanks for the feedback.
  6. it is hard to advise other people b/c you don't know what they will be content with. if you keep it just make sure the bottom base is not bowing or flat. you can reform a bag somewhat that is flattened but you cannot reverse structure loss. structure loss could be that line running across the front.. what will happen is that the bag will continue to soften in that area and lose shape. maybe return and repurchase another? it might be better to pay just slightly more for a well-shaped item?
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