Chanel Jumbo- boxes?

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  1. Hi ladies,
    Do only the classic flap bags come with the original box? The accordion that i got was in a gift box due to the size but then my last 2 chanel bags came with the hard box.
    Does the jumbo flap come with original box?
  2. As far as I know, all Chanel Bags can come with their boxes when purchased from the boutique, Saks, NM,. BG, etc. Twice, I have been sold a Chanel and the SA had to give me a different box because the box it came with was missing., but in most cases I have received the matching box with the matching bag, I don't know why you would receive a gift box with the accordion bag unless the original box was lost.:heart:H
  3. the SA @ the fifth ave store told me that this bag doesnt come with the hard boxes...

    thanks for the info
  4. Really? Even the enormous Coco Cabas came with a hard box. It was white, but still a very nice box. I would check into it because for that much $ you deserve a box.
  5. Most of the large bags don't come in the "hard box" they do come in their original Chanel boxes, but they are the crappy flimsy ones.
  6. yea, a little bummed about that. It's just hard to store them with the thin boxes. next time before i buy i will ask them abt the boxes lol :Pi guess that will be a determining factor as well
  7. My jumbo came in a box.
  8. every bag i own has a chanel box ~ even the ones i got a few yrs back at chanel outlet in woodbury commons...
  9. All Chanels come in boxes, but they often get misplaced and only one box is made for every piece. It can lead to problems.
  10. I've been told it's not so good to store them in their boxes anyway, because they can't 'breathe' this way, which is quite bad for the leather. Just thought I'd mention...
  11. my vintage jumbo flap comes in this box :
  12. all chanel products come with their own boxes unless it's a display model or it was misplaced.