Chanel jewelry?

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  1. Hi all my hubby bought me a GC at SAKS and i wanted to use it to buy an earring but don't know which Saks to store to call. I already called Dallas Galleria and they said they dont carry Chanel earring. Pls. help, thanks.
  2. They carry some jewelry in NYC.
  3. Assuming that you want the CJ and not the fine jewelry, you can call the 1.877.551.7257 Saks Customer Service number and tell them you are looking for Chanel Jewelry and they can help direct you to the stores that carry Chanel. Do you have a particular pair of earrings that you're looking for?
  4. Call Damian Oto at Saks Bala Cynwyd, PA at: 609-477-3741

    He's the best!
  5. Thanks, Im looking for Paris Shanghai collection earring.
  6. Depending on which ones you want, I work at Saks and know there are still quite a few out there. I know you mentioned Dallas---are you in Texas? If I know which style you want exactly I can help direct you to the closest Saks that does have them. HTH!
  7. Yes I'm in Dallas. I'm looking for this earring, code 10P A43627 X01060 Z3073. Thanks for your help.