Chanel jewelry

  1. Hi

    what do you think of Chanel jewelry , You'll defiantly buy bags from Chanel but when it comes to jewelry will you ?

    Personally I thought and always say I will never buy jewelry from a fashion brand , but Today I tried on some rings , bracelets and eye rings from Chanel and I like them ... mmm shall I change my mind !

    I would love to listen to your thoughts, also I posted some pis of Chanel jewelry " the once I tried on”

    cc1.jpg cc2.jpg cc3.jpg
  2. I'd definitely buy some of their fine jewelry but I don't buy costume jewelry. I'd rather have a few pieces of the good stuff than an armoire full of costume:shrugs:
    I bought one ring on a whim and have never worn it:push:
  3. I bought some Chanel earrings last year and NEVER wore them =/
  4. I bought a few things only on sale. Its still to much for costume but its very pretty.
  5. I love Chanel jewelry but it's so overpriced, especially considerng that it's costume jewelry. I love Chanel pearl necklaces but I can't justify paying that much for fake pearls.
  6. ^^ i agree. i do have 2 pairs of earrings and a necklace. 2 were presents, one i bought for myself because it was a limited edition piece from Wynn in las vegas. something to remember my trip by!
  7. Between my mom and I, we have a good deal of Chanel costume jewelery. Mostly earrings, a few bangles, and some necklaces. Its cute and fun. It is a bit on the high end, but like all Chanel, it holds its value, because the company has such frequent price increases! :yucky:

    I don't have any of the stuff you posted pictures of though, sorry. You might to do better in the Chanel forum.
  8. I got only one ring from Chanel fine jewelry and loads from costume jewelry.

    For me I don't care much about Chanel fine jewelry. I think it's the way too over-priced. It's too expensive for me.

    Its costume jewlery is also expensive but I think the design are the way too cute to stop me buying them.
  9. I don't know much about Chanel jewelry, but it always strikes me as odd when a company like Chanel doesn't make more fine jewelry instead of the costume stuff.

  10. I have this ring and I love it :smile:
    It is costume jewelry and Retail was $285 if I remember correctly

  11. I have some CC pearl dangly earrings. I wanted the matching necklace too but it's just too expensive. I could buy a new designer bag for that price. The earrings are a keeper, very elegant
  12. they actually do, but its very pricey and for that reason, fewer boutiques carry it.
  13. i have quite abit of costume jewellery, absolutely love them, but agree that they are over priced
  14. I have a pearl necklace and I think they do great costume pearls for younger ladies so you still get that funkiness/style to it. But I agree it is VERY expensive considering that it's costume.

    I wouldn't buy most of it for that reason, but pearls are the exception for me.
  15. I've never bought Chanel jewelry before, but I was very tempted to buy the ring you posted. However, I didn't realize how big it was until I saw it IRL. I changed my mind.