chanel jewelry


T&co state of mind..
Nov 11, 2005
hey all, i saw in the xmas section>accesories> this black and white metal and resin jewelry, and wanted to know if you guys knew where to buy it besides the regular chanel stores? i havent seen any around, maybe in the palisades? i know theres the LV store..
u can find it in regular chanel stores and any department store that has a mini-chanel boutique saks (on fifth ave, not in jersey), bergdorf, the neiman marcus in short hills, etc.........but i've found that in our are the chanel on fifth ave and the chanel in soho have the best selection (fifth ave. by far has the better selection, soho sometimes has a decent sale selection)
oh really? alright sounds like a good excuse for a day of shopping lol. i wonder if eluxury or some site has it so i can see how much and any other pictures.