Chanel Jewelry

  1. I waited on a table today and the woman had the most AMAZING chanel earrings. little pave diamond (or rhinstone, hard to tell) logos. it was a little much with the huge chanel rhinestone sunnies (which were also fabulous) and tiffany choker, but they were so pretty. i thought chanel only made plastic jewelry and pearls but now i'm intrigued.

    where do you find chanel fine jewelry? is it even fine jewelry, was it plastic costume stuff? i can't wear costume jewelry because my skin chemistry turns it colors. :\ and i doubt i would pay chanel prices for plastic anyway...

    thanks ladies!
  2. chanel makes both costume jewelry and fine jewelry....i know the 5th avenue boutique as well as the one on madison (i think?) carry fine jewelry.....u should check it out it's absolutely gorgeous :love::love:
  3. thanks! that's about 3000 miles away from me though...i guess i'll have to wait for our new york trip in two years to see it. oh what a wonderful trip that will be... :smile:
  4. also has some of their fine jewelry collection I believe.
  5. lizabet i think any of the bigger chanel boutiques will have a fine jewelry need to wait til you get here if i were a few years older and had a job i'd live in the chanel boutqie :shame:.....although maybe not since i saw the cutest little cotton tank at the boutique and it was like $800 although it felt like it cost 50 cents to make....
  6. Chanel has made some really lovely costume type pieces -- especially the pendants. So pretty! They are expensive, though.
  7. i've seen earrings you are referrignt least i has some in their costume jewelry line. They have the matching necklace as well, i was tempted, but couldn't justify the $350CDN price tag for nickel! (plus i'm allergic)

    I really like the huge CC's earrings!
  8. Hihi! I have the CC logo earrings, they were $210 and so worth it! I say any large Chanel boutique should carry some fine jewelry, or treat urself to a trip to Vegas, cuz they definitely have them!
  9. I love Chanel costume jewelry :love: I'm obsessed with the black cuff with the white CCs. Gorgeous! :nuts:
  10. I like some Chanel costume jewelry. I have a necklace and a pair of earrings, but I never wear them, I tend to wear the same jewelry every day. I was thinking of putting them in the Marketplace.
  11. Here we go....

    The best picture I can get. Costume jewelry metal with swarovski crystals.
    Earrings is 210.00 and matching necklace is 155.00

    For fine jewelry you can visit the website.
    Chanel never make fine jewelry in their CC logo due to the trademark
    right original of Cartier.

    Chanel fine jewelry will be more of J12 hi-tech ceramic, star or coins.
  12. I love Chanel fine jewerly. I've seen it in the Chanel boutique on Worth Avenue, in West Palm Beach. I also think its more reasonable, in terms of price, than some other branded jewerly. The camilla rings are to die for!
  13. Chanel definately makes costume jewelry and fine jewelry. If you want to buy chanel fine jewelry and they don't have it in stock at the store (which they usually don't), then you can always order it. You'll have to pay first and then wait for it to arrive, but trust me, it's worth the wait.
  14. when I was in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago to do some shopping, I was having a little discussion with the manager at Chanel (Saks) and we were talking about how low quality the jewellery was and she said DO NOT BUY their jewellery and it's not worth the money...she was an awesome sales lady
  15. even knowing this i would still probably end up buying some! :sad2: