Chanel jewellery or Louis Vuitton bag?

  1. Well I need help AGAIN...

    I don't know whether to buy the manhattan PM which i have been dying over for ages or (necklace and earrings):

    It's something so I can remember my 21st...
    My boyfriend already bought me the beautiful beverly clutch...
    what do you think?
  2. i always prefer bags to other things, lol. :p
  3. Manhttan PM! U'd get more use out of it!
  4. Hmm..if im not mistaken, these are cicciolina's from the CHANEL forum, right? I was just drooling over these:drool:....
    I love CHANEL jewellery, but for that kinda money I'd get a bag!!!

  5. :nuts: Good eye bb10lue! I was trying to figure out where did i saw that pix b4 :p:
  6. Pm, but the jewelry is pretty too . Sorry I 'm not much help. good luck.
  7. Oh definitely the Manhattan PM!!!!! I basically only spend on LV bags; jewelery and clothes are only in the minority for me.....But those Chanel items are GORGEOUS!
  8. Get the Manhattan pm and if you can afford get yourself the necklace too.
  9. Tough choice! Although the Chanel jewellery is pretty nice, I'd personally go for the Manhattan (because it's what I've also been lusting over :drool:)

    If it's something in rememberance of your 21st though, you should ask yourself which would you rather look back on in a few years time - the jewellery or the bag? (It was my 18th a few weeks ago and I picked the White MC Speedy because I knew it's what I'd a) get most use out of, and b) love looking back on over time) Hope that may help your decision become a little easier :flowers:
  10. I'd definitely say a BAG. Costume jewelry doesn't get worn often by me, but I always love bags. Happy Birthday!
  11. Chanel jewellery.
  12. I'd go for the jewellery: gorgeous, classic pieces that will go with any outfit and should last for yrs to come!
  13. personally i would get the PM, i prefer proper jewellry kwim, rather than costume. What about getting yourself some nice diamond studs? xx
  14. Chanel jewelry is pretty, but not real - just costume jewelry. To me, it is very overrated for jewelry that isn't even 10K or 14K. I would go for the bag. Although the jewelry is pretty, I sometimes feel they must be laughing all the way to the bank that people would spend so much money for costume jewelry.

    I would go for the bag! It's lovely. Or - I agree - A pretty pair of studs! Or something that actually is real jewelry - that you can keep and treasure.
  15. I would get the Louis Vuitton.