Chanel Jeans – Fit, Longevity, Value?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    After a frustrating incident where The RealReal crumpled and balled up a vintage Dior jacket to return to me, they issued me a $50 site credit that never expires. I've been perusing the site regularly to find something that I know I'll love/use often that allows me to avoid spending too much money. (Partly due to budget and also after another mishap where they falsely advertised a pen I purchased.)

    I looked through the categories and came across a dark blue pair of 2017 Chanel straight leg jeans that look nice. They reminded me of some of the nicer Japanese selvage pairs I've been buying and wearing regularly for years. Price isn't bad too with some promotions they are currently running.

    Before I bite the bullet and purchase them, I wanted to reach out here to see if anyone has experience with Chanel jeans and wearing them. How is the fit? Do they wear well or are they prone to quickly breaking down after a short period? Do you like them or regret them?

    Thank you everyone!