Chanel Japan (Osaka)

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  1. My dad is travelling to Osaka tomorrow. Is it worthwile for him to bring me back a chanel, with also the taxreturns and stuff? And I noticed there are quite a lot of chanel boutiques there.
    Any recommendations of a particular one?

    Or has any one seen a red or pink flap there? Or a luxe patent bowler perhaps?

    Hope to hear from some japanese girls! Or anyone who just travelled there.. :smile:
  2. The selection in Japan would be better, however, they do not refund tax, also most luxury brand is much expensive in Japan. Hope that helps.:heart:
  3. They got the best selection in Asia ( comparable to Paris) name it, the got it...

    but their prices are 5-10% more than US.

    NO... the DO refund tax.
  4. At the moment, they get the latest stuff before the US. But you do pay for it...alot more expensive compared to US. I think they do have the patent luxe bowlers in store. Not sure of the pink and red flaps.
    I won't be travelling there until 2.5 weeks time. You could try calling them and asking for a english speaking SA.
  5. Thanks! Maybe I'll try to give em a call. though I heard there are hardly people that speak english there...

    So they DO refund tax then? How does this work, I never did this myself, so I wouldn't know exactly (nor has my dad for that matter!)...
  6. Tax refund in Japan ?! That's great! I'm planning to go Tokyo in Nov.

    Are they having price increase the same time as US? Otherwise, I just hope that could narrow the price different gap! :rolleyes:
  7. Hi,

    I was in Japan (Tokyo) last August. It is definitely a shopping paradise especially for designer stuff. I must admit that they do have a wide range of handbags at the Chanel Boutique. The price is still more expensive than the rest of the world after tax refund. But if you are eyeing for a specific bag, Japan is the place to buy although you have to spend a bit more.
  8. I think it's over Yen 10000 and you must have a temporary visitor sticker on your passport, then you are eligible. Your dad should ask in the store to pay the tax free price. Unless the rules have changed. It's been 2yrs since i last went to Japan.

    Paid by consumers when they purchase goods and services. The current rate is 5% (4% national, 1% prefectural). Shops and other service providers are required to include the consumption tax in the prices shown.