Chanel jackets or Hermes Birkin?

  1. Would you buy Chanel jackets and save the rest of the money for a birkin or save all of it for on birkin?
  2. It really depends. Is there a Chanel jacket you eyed in a style limited to current season or are you just having a craving for a Chanel jacket in general?
  3. I would save all of it for a Birkin. I would use the bag many more times than I would wear the jacket. If I still wanted the jacket after, then I would save for it separately.
  4. I really like Chanel jacket, it's timeless, but I would invest my money in Birkin.
  5. I personally think birkins are ugly.
    Given a choice I would choose the Chanel jacket.
  6. I am not a fan of the Birken... its getting very commerical however, so is

    Chanel.. but OP you have to decide what you would wear the most...the

    warmer weather is sstarting so maybe a Chanel jacket for the fall & a

    bag for now...
  7. Both (:
  8. It completely depends on which jacket and which Birkin. I would jump through a million hoops to get hold of some Chanel jackets, and would absolutely pick any of them over a Birkin, especially an 'ordinary' everyday leather Birkin.

    Am not really a Birkin person, either, though -- prefer the Kelly look.
  9. Both are timeless and have an impeccable quality but whilst Chanel Jackets are works of art, Hermes Birkins retain their value better.

    It really depends on what you are looking for.

    I think you will probably "need" both so get whichever comes you way first...The Birkin in the exact colour combo of your dreams of the perfect Chanel Jacket. You will know when you see them!
  10. You decide what you feel is best.

    For me, I would rather buy Chanel Jackets because I will always love them.
  11. Hermes!
  12. The Hermes Birkin. I would get way more use out it.
    Are you listening, Purse god?;)
  13. If you have the money to afford both, I'm so envious of you, and you should definitely buy both!

    I would buy the Birkin first, as it Is such a statement bag and will look lovely with anything on. But if you are looking at a limited version of the jacket, then the answer is clear I think. (:

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  14. Birkin ! Chanel clothes really don't fit my lifestyle ( well neither does a birkin ), but I want a birkin ! :smile:
  15. So many opinions thanks for for them all. I think I might get a birkin first then get a Chanel jacket. I might be able to get both. But only one Chanel jacket. Both birkin and the jacket will be preowned. I think it's more worth it that way.