Chanel Jacket or Necklace?

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm in need of a new piece of fantastic Chanel and am debating between a fun necklace or continuing to save up for a jacket.

    I've read that the necklaces can fall apart so I'm a little hesitant. On the other hand, the jacket is so $$$$$ that it will be a while before I can get one.

    Any advice for me?

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. jacket :smile:
  3. Another vote for a jacket!
  4. Save up for the jacket and get it during a sale.
  5. ^ITA. :smile:
  6. thanks guys....when do the jackets go on sale?
  7. ^now
  8. What is the sale price range of the jacket? My friend also suggest me to invest in a chanel jacket. She mentioned that it is classic.
  9. Presale begins at end of May for June sales, and November for December sales.
  10. Jacket

    But only get one you really like and not because it's in the sale. They'll always be another collection just around the corner

    Good luck
  11. Another vote for jacket ;) Get one you really like and you'll wear it forever ! :smile:
  12. A chanel jacket ~ a timeless classic and something you can pass down to your daughter one day
  13. Jacket:smile:
  14. unfortunately the sf store is sold out of all of the small sized sale jackets. i guess i'll be waiting until november!

    can't wait to post pics :smile:
  15. I'll save up for a jacket.