Chanel Jacket - help me style/alter

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  1. Gifted to me by my mum last winter and I have yet to wear it. I am 22, 5"6, 110 and wear lots of trousers and jeans. Zipped up it looks so matronly, but unzipped it looks strange too. What about shortening the hem?
  2. Do u have pics????
  3. Here is the picture - thanks for your help!

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  4. Thanks!!!

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  5. I have this same jacket and I love it! I wear with a simple tee and jeans! It's a gorgeous piece! :nuts:
  6. Which one? The black? Do you wear it buttoned up?
  7. The button up one. I would wear it open. It's probably my most fave piece from the collection!!!
  8. Thanks. With a simple tank/tee underneath?
  9. I personally don't like to wear sleeveless stuff under pricey RTW but since it's black, should be okay. Just take care of them.

    It's definitely not jacket season often where I'm at; but I whip her out on "overcast" days.
  10. Ooo - what do you mean about the sleeves and the RTW?
  11. I don't like to get underarm marks or deodorant residue on my clothes. I like a layer in between me and my RTW (ready-to-wear). Just my preference. Enjoy your gorgeous pieces; they are timeless pieces!
  12. I usually wear a simple short sleeve top under my jacket so there would be no underarm marks on the jacket's lining. If it's cashmere where I can handwash, then I wear a tank top. An open jacket is more casual, while a buttoned up jacket makes it more formal. I prefer to wear my jackets with jeans and a simple top and accent it with a long pearl strand.

    The first jacket looks better buttoned up in my opinion. For the second jacket, you can go either way.