Chanel J12

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  1. Well, I made the decision! Thanks everyone for helping me decide :biggrin:

    I decided to get the J12 in white w/diamond markers:love: My SA called today and told me that it had arrived so I was like omfg and went down there. Needless to say, it came home with me.



    I can't wait to wear this tomorrow!!!!!:love: :nuts: :biggrin:
  2. It's absolutely beautiful!! I love the pure white color. I'm so jealous Noriko!!
  3. Hot damn! Very nice watch. How much did it go for, if I may ask?
  4. After tax it was around $4500:biggrin:

    Thanks for the compliments everyone! I am just so in love with this watch!:love: :love: :love: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    Don't be jealous Irissy, go out and get one, we can be J12 sisters!

    Vlad can get one too, I swear the black J12s look SEXY on men. Kojiko can confirm that since her man has one:biggrin:
  5. AHHHHH Noriko! AMAZIN'! I love it! I bet it looks great on you!!! ;)

    Yup Vlad the black J12 is really BLING. (Sometimes I borrow my bf's...hehe) It's a show stopper!!!
  6. Nice! :biggrin:
  7. Beautiful watch! Enjoying wearing it around!
  8. I'm really jealous over this watch!!! wear it in good health.
  9. Yay, glad you've decided and are happy with it!
  10. Aww.. it's lovely, especially the colour !
  11. SOOOOOOOOoooooo much better than another Rolex!
  12. Beautiful!

  13. Why thank you:love: I thought so too. I was kind of iffy about it last night when I went down there but just knew it was the one when I saw it:idea:
  14. ^^ Let's face it...there are only so many designs. The bracelet style of this one (and the Dior) are very Rolex-like. But Chanel put their own twist on it (the pristine white). Dior just put their name on it. The Dior could have said anything on the dial and I would have believed it.

    AND (pssttt....ppsstttt....) there are very, VERY few brands of watches that are manufactured by the 'name' on the dial. I am 100000% sure that Chanel did not make that watch and that Dior did not make their watch. They have very carefully supervised subcontractors who do the work. But if you visit these places (and I have), you see a guy assembling a Chanel at one table and a guy assembling a Gucci or a Dior at the next. Proprietary factories are really limited to the VERY top of the industry (Rolex, Patek, Chopard, Breguet, etc). There's nothing wrong with subcontractors (I could go on and on about why it makes sense in the watch industry), but if it isn't a Chanel craftsman making the watch (the way you can claim with a bag), then it ought to be SOMETHING distinctly Chanel. And the J12 is.

    Good choice.
  15. Noriko!! Didn't I already say that I bow down to you!!! Hehehehhe, I'd like to be you for a day:smile: Lovely, beautiful, pimping watch!!! You go girl!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.