Chanel J12 with or without diamond markers?

  1. Just wanting some opinions....I really want a 38mm white J12 but I am unsure if I should speed the extra $$ for diamond markers??what do you think?

    Which style looks more appealing to the eye??:tup:
  2. It depends on your style. I like the diamonds because it is not too "blingy" ... personally I chose the one without the diamonds primarily because I have to other diamond watches ... Also, most of watches have small dials - the J12 being quite large, I guess I wanted it to be more simpler and not look like a man's watch (which is also I why I got white and not black).

    Maybe at some poiint down the line if the change the size of the dial - perhaps then a diamond one is in the picture for me ...
  3. Definitely with diamonds!!!
  4. With diamonds. I'm getting mine orderred - white 38mm with diamonds on hour markers. So excited~
  5. Get the diamond markers if you can.
  6. diamonds a yes if possible!
  7. another vote for with diamonds!
  8. I say diamonds as I am expecting mine tomorrow. Yay!

    I can relate to your question as I struggled with this too. At first it was hard for me to swallow the price difference. However, the more I thought about it and looked at the two watches this is how I feel.... the numbered one is gorgeous in itself, but seems more sporty casual. The diamond markers are a bit dressier but can be more casual as well as it's the style of the watch. Overall, I just love the way the diamond markers look and I felt if I didn't go for it, I would regret it later. So, I just went for it and am happy I did and can't wait till tomorrow.

    Good luck with your decision?
  9. with diamonds is always a plus!!! :p
  10. I was all set to get the diamond markers but after looking at it, it changed the whole look. I really like the way the numbers look because I like the font. You have to look at the watch with and without and see what appeals to you.
  11. Diamonds, non diamond, they are both gorgeous.

    Ofcourse, diamonds are never to be turned down when possible ;), but I love this watch with both.

    I am lucky enough to have the one with the markers and the diamonds in the face, but would have been happy with either :biggrin:
  12. I debating both as well. I like the numbers because they stand out. When I'm ready to buy I'll have to compare side by side. I'll probably end up with the diamond markers because I don't have any watches with that.

    The almost $1000 difference is a big jump since the diamonds are so small. So it is hard to decide.
  13. I have the white j12 28mm with diamond markers. I was torn between all three. The bezel looked too gaughty, (imo). The diamond bezel worked out perfectly. Its a classy watch for any type of use. Without diamonds is cute too, but if you dont have a watch with diamonds already, then get the diamond markers.
  14. I know what you mean. I don't think the difference in price equals the value of the diamonds. So I had to think about it to. For me in the end, I have so many casual sporty watches that have numbers on them that I just had to go with the diamond markers for my Chanel watch. Price difference....because Chanel can and does! lol

    I got mine today and I love it!:yahoo:
  15. i say the one with diamond markers