Chanel J12 with discounts?

  1. Just curious...has anyone ever gotten discounts when buying a J12?

    I was looking at the 33mm white (no diamonds) watch...but I heard you couldnt use 20% off at F&F at Saks...

  2. and just curious...wondering how much J12s have gone up in price over the years...

    how much were they when they came out initially (for the 33mm no diamonds one)
  3. Hi Cory, I thought I read that Chanel jewelry was included at one time but no longer for F&F. However, if you don't already have a Saks card you can get 10% off your first purchase, and if you buy it during EGC you can also earn a $450 gift card. That's how I purchased my black watch in March.:yes:

    I don't know what the original price was when they were introduced. But I know there have been at least 2 increases since I purchased my white one in April 2006.:yes:
  4. hmm--you dont have one thats 33mm white no diamonds do u?
  5. The plain J12 without diamonds is $3650

    from a Saks catalog-
  6. That is what I figured to be the best way too. :yes:
    According to my SA there will be a price increase on the J12s next April.:cursing:
  7. Nope. Just 33mm white w/diamond bezel.
  8. The plain J12 without diamonds is $3650
    if a plain j12 without diamonds is $3650 how much more extra would a chronograph one be?
  9. I know that Chanel boutiques have been loosing sales of their J12's to can definetly ask for a discount at the boutique and get it. An SA that works at the Chanel boutique told me this.
  10. Lambloveschanel,

    It's such a good news. Do I have to know any SA before I get the discount? Any recommendation?

    Thanks in advance!
  11. Ohhhhh, I hope its true. Now I just found out theres no dealer in my city carries the Chanel watches, so if i want one, I have to get it from the boutque.:crybaby:
  12. I wanna know that too......:graucho:
  13. The chronograph one (41mm, no diamonds) retails for ~AU$8k:push:.....
  14. ..... :wtf: :crybaby::push::blink:
  15. I don't think you need to know an SA to get a discount. One of the SA's I work with, already knows I have 2 J12's. But we started talking about them, and this SA said that so many people are choosing to buy their J12's at Neimans because they get points.....and Chanel noticed this (I bought both my J12's at NM because of the points too). So she said to me, that if a customer came in and looked at the watches....then mentioned someting like if they buy at NM they get points...that the SA's are allowed to give a discount.

    Just be careful how you word it.....go in and look at and try on the watch if you are ready to buy it. You could say that you've seen them in NM too, and they give you points (sometimes double incircle points) when you buy from there...and you wish that Chanel offered something like that......tell them you want to buy the watch but NM offers a better subtle and nice. You should get the discount.

    Remember this SA told me this AFTER I already bought my J12's. She had nothing to gain by telling me this, she knows I'm not buying any more J12's. But I thought it was interesting the Chanel sees they are loosing business to NM - and they want to fix that.