Chanel J12 watch

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  1. Hello,

    Do some of you own a Chanel J12 watch in black? Are you satisfied with it? Is it worth the investment?
    Thank you for your answers.
  2. Yes I have the phantom j12 all black and I love it!!
  3. I have J12 black 38mm with diamond markers. I've had it several years and I still love it. It looks brand new even now. Well worth the investment!
  4. I have black J12 33mm - it is the best wearing watch ever - battery still going for 5 years! Just wish I'd got 38mm.
  5. Are you getting a Quartz or an automatic?
  6. I also have the black 33mm with diamond markers and have never regretted it. I recently sent it in for a battery in December after using for quite a few years. To my surprise, Chanel replaced the battery and cleaned her up (even though it didn't need it) for no charge other than shipping! She looked fantastic before I sent it in but looks absolutely brand spanking new now. Still a knockout after all these years, no signs of wear and one of my favorites (even though I also have a Rolex and Cartier Ballon Bleu). Go for it if you can. Good luck deciding!
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  7. Yes I love mine too
    5 yrs owning her
  8. I have a white 38mm with diamond markers. It's the best luxury purchase I made (even over bags!) because I get to enjoy it everyday and it looks brand new. I'll never get tired of it highly recommend!

    Oh, and I've had it for almost 3 years
  9. When I first got mine in 2013, many people was like " why spend such $$ on a Chanel. you could have gotten another Rolex, Cartier etc etc..."
    For a moment, I thought I was really silly spending this equivalent amount on a J12.
    So, Fast forward ..... .... ....
    I can only say........." I love my j12 and I'm glad I bought it! "
    I wear this more often than all my other watches, I used it more often than all my bags and truly.... it definitely is worth ever penny!
    And because I wear my J12 so often, I sold away 2 Omegas and 1 Cartier... simply because these 3 had no chance to be on me.

    It's the most hardy watch ever! It gets knocked all over.. but still, Looking Fabulous more than EVER!
  10. I'll get the Automatic 38mm without diamond markers.
  11. Many thanks to you all for your helpful answers. Seeing them it seems the watch remains brand new even after years wearing it so I think I'll get it soon. In fact I was hesitating with the Ladymatic Omega with diamond markers but the J12 is more an everyday watch than the Omega so I'll go for the J12 in black first.

    Thanks again!
  12. Hello everybody,

    First thanks a lot for your messages that were helpful.
    So I finally bought the Chanel J12 automatic without diamond markers, she's more than gorgeous, I'll post a pic asap.

    Thanks again, I'm really happy, next target Chanel 2.55...

    Have a great day!
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  13. Do you mind sharing the price? I am also eyeing one
  14. Here is it
    I first thought I'd stack it with my Love bracelet but I'm finally wearing it alone, she's gorgeous

    Thanks for letting me share

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