Chanel J12 watch - HK or Singapore purchase

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  1. I hope to get the white ceramic 38mm J12 watch at the end of the year since I will be traveling to HK and Singapore. Just wondering if anyone knows which place would be cheapest for me. I'm in Toronto so I would already save the 13% tax. Thanks for your help.
  2. sorry can't help with the price but just wanted to say that you will love this watch!
  3. Hi. I'm in HK and was in Sing last week. Not sure about Chanel but with respect to other watches the list price in Sing seem to be higher than in HK. However, for each brand in HK there seems to be a set discount which the AD can give.

    For the watches I was looking at (Franck Muller, JLC) the discounts they were willing to give were far higher in Sing than they were in HK. Therefore if you find the right dealer it was actually considerably cheaper in Sing.

    You can try Sincere Watch in the Marina Bay Sands. They had great service and very good discounts. Not sure if they carry Chanel though.
  4. Thanks for your tip. Will take a look since I am there for a few weeks. I've never seen Chanel at boutiques except for Bahamas however has been a while since I've been back to HK. I was trying to research more but didn't find anything.
  5. Girl, this is worth to have at any price. ;)
  6. Can't believe you think so highly of the watch. I'm hoping to get one if they have available.
  7. Just an example on the price comparison. I recently enquired on the J12 (H2423). Singapore Chanel boutique is selling it for SGD9,800. I will be going to Paris end Nov and contemplating in picking one up. The price there is 5,200 Euro. Big price difference if you ask me. I live in Singapore by the way.
  8. Hi Goody bag,

    did you manage to get the H2423 for 5200 euros?

    If you did, did you get it at the Chanel boutique?

    Last but not least, just to confirm the J12 - H2423, is the 38mm automatic watch thats with diamonds and mother of pearl?

    Sorry for asking so mannny questions...

    and thank you in advance for answering them! :smile:

  9. Hi PinkDioR,

    In the end I did not purchase it as I ended up buying bags! However, my friend bought a plain J12 (H0968) at 3750 Euros.


  10. Hi, if I am not mistaken, Chanel watches are only available for sale at Chanel boutiques in Singapore, none of the watch retailers like Cortina/Sincere/Hour Glass carry them. As such, perhaps the pricing for Chanel watches should be better in Hkg than Singapore...:smile:...but the watch retailers in Sin do give good discounts for other brands like Cartier, Rolex, etc....hv fun shopping!;)