Chanel J12 Quartz Vs Automatic

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  1. Hey everyone.
    Now, I know the basic difference between quartz and automatic.

    Quartz = battery. Doesn't lose time but the battery at some point will need replaces.
    Automatic= (copy and pasted) Automatic watch operates with the same principle as a mechanical manual wind watch - with the addition of a weighted pendulum called the "Rotor".

    Now apparently automatics lose between 4-60seconds accuracy a day. Does anyone here know what the Chanels are like for that?

    Also Automatic states:
    Maintenance: Overhaul recommended every 3-5 years or as soon as you notice something amiss
    . The overhaul includes disassembling the movement, thorough cleaning, lubricating, reassembling & regulating the time for accuracy.

    Sounds like an expensive thing, does Chanel do this for free under the Chanel warranty for life?

    What can wears of automatics tell me?
    I love the size of the 38mm and love the H1635 Black with Ruby markers and it is automatic.

    Many thanks for any help/opinions you can share with me :smile:

  2. The warranty is 3 years I think. No that does not include the overhaul. I havent had to take mine for an overhaul yet but I imagine it would be around $500
  3. One of the reasons why I didn't consider the 38mm for the design that I got is coz it is automatic. I prefer quartz, so I took the 33mm although both look good.
  4. I have a J12 automatic. I believe it has a 2 year warranty. The warranty covers ONLY the movement. Not the bracelet; not the crystal. Those pieces can break. Generally a fine automatic movement requires some maintenance and care. For example, if it is not worn daily, it must be kept wound and it a watch winder or it will lose time. If you don't want to have a "relationship" with your timepiece, I recommend a quartz movement!
  5. oh decisions decisions, thanks for all your advice.
    Does the ceramic/crystal break easily as Balto Bag Lady mentioned.
    Also, is the automatic much heavier than the quartz?

    Thanks so much guys, I know its alot of questions, just for me it's alot of cash to part with! here in Europe it is 3690euros for the 33mm and 3980euros for the 38mm both referring to the black with red ruby markers watch. Is it cheaper in other countries?
  6. Many SAs in USA can offer 10% off retail price. So why don't u call up some stores and check the prices? But hurry though, price increasing anytime!
  7. Here in Spain, the SA, unequivocally do not offer a 10% which is so unfair!!!
    Do you know the average price of j12s in the usa?
  8. I understand what you mean OP ref quartz or auto. I had the same problem when I got mine for Xmas, I ended up hunting down a quartz 38mm with dia markers because I have autos aready and wanted a quick go watch. I am so glad I did, finding quartz 38mm now is as rare as hens teeth!
  9. lol!
  10. The ceramic is truly almost indesctructible from a breakage standpoint but there are certain chemicals that should not come in contact. I know that some engines are made of ceramic and can withstand very high heat and stress without cracking, etc. My husband is rough on everything; he wears his watch daily and so far no damage to band or crystal but since day 1 his auto has been fast. On our next trip to Tysons, it will be turned it in to get it recalibrated.
  11. Why don't you contact my SA Miss Marilu Torres ( of Saks Miami, to ask the price of the watch that you desire. Tell her Luxedream from Singapore refers you, see if she can extend the 10% discount to you?
  12. Size 38mm with diamond or ruby markers is $5800. I also got a ten percent discount on it. Let me know if you need SA info.
  13. You are Right-They say ceramic is a 9 on the hardness scale-diamonds are a 10 so ceramic is very strong!
  14. Thanks! Have msged ;)

    Thanks, PM the info pls. Was it 5800 before/after discount?

    Why dont they give discount in Chanel boutiques?!?!?!?! lol
  15. oh!!! Same as Sapphires and Rubies! fantastic!