Chanel J12...Pros & Cons. Should I purchase one?

  1. Hi all!!! I just need some help from all you Chanel J12 experts. What are the pros and cons of the watch?

    I'm contemplating on buying one and would like to know what you all LOVE about it and would it be a great everyday watch?

    Thanks! =)
  2. I have two J12' black and one white, both with diamond markers. These are the most comfortable watches I own.....they go with everything and can be dressed up or down.

    I think I might wear the white one more, but I love both of them. I don't think you'll be sorry if you get one.:p

    Here's mine:

  3. WOW Lamb...your J12's are TDF!!! Thanks so much for sharing. The white one seems to attract me more, eventhough I wear more black. Since you have both colors, do you match them with the shades of color, depending on your outfit?
  4. I also have J12's in both colors. I have the white w/diamond bezel and the black w/diamond markers. I find the black one to be more casual and worn everyday - although I love my white one more I think.:yes:
  5. Are the 33mm white watches AUTOMATIC? I'm leaning toward the white J12.

    Are they waterproof or water resistant? How do you clean the watch?
  6. I have the black with diamond markers and I love it!!! I wanted one for so long, and would have sworn I wanted the white, but when I tried it on it did not look good with my pale skin; so I bought the black one.

    Yes, they are waterproof up to a point, but I don't get mine wet. As for cleaning, I rub mine down with a soft cloth for cleaning sunglasses.
  7. The 33mm are battery operated, and the 38mm are automatic. I haven't had to clean either of them yet, but I will eventually take them to Chanel for cleaning.
  8. Loganz...the black one is stunning on you! Thanks for the pic. you prefer automatic or battery operated? What is the difference, performance wise?

    Also, for those who have J12' you have 33mm or 38mm? Did you choose it for the size or for the automatic specifications?
  9. Mine is the 33mm. My husband has primarily automatic watches - they are very nice. Battery is fine too, you just have to pay attention to when the maker suggests replacing it.

    I chose the 33mm because it fit my wrist best.
  10. I chose the 33mm for both watches for size. I felt the 38mm was too big for me.
  11. oh wow....BEAUTIFUL~!:drool:

    But a watch I really truly truly want from Chanel is what I think is called the "Premier", it has a rectangular face with a chain strap used on classic flaps as a bracelet. What an indulgence it would be to have one....

    Ok, return to reality! I defly think you should get one! But if you're going to be conscious of wearing it and constantly having to watch how you place your wrists because you don't want to scratch the beauty, you might reconsider. I don't know about you but I would be SOOOOO anal about that....but that's me....:confused1:

    It'd be great if you got it! I would mooch off your purchase and indulge myself vicariously! Do post pics should you bring a baby home!:yes:
  12. Thanks chanelplz...that watch you were talking about sounds hot. Do you have any pics? I don't think I've seen that style yet.

    Talking about scratches, are they prone to scratches? Its made from ceramic, right? Any comments about durability.

    I'd prefer automatic, as I am used to it; however, the 38mm would be H U G E on me. I love how the 33mm looks though! =)
  13. This from a Chanel watch catalog about the ceramic:

    High-tech ceramic: Borrowed from state-of-the-art technology, ceramic has extraordinary characteristics: non-oxidising, scratchpoof, and hardness just below that of diamonds. "On the international MOHS scale, diamonds have the highest score of 10, high-tech ceramic registers at 9, while steel and gold are respectively just at 5 and 2.5". And so, diamond is the only material used, with extreme precision, to work, form and polish each ceramic component to achieve the perfect aesthetic appearance demanded by the creater.
  14. ^^ ita! the ceramic is very tough stuff- should not crack, scratch or get otherwise damaged -- for something so pretty, it's amazing durable!
    i don't own one, but i'd love to. i do know some things about jewelry and the ceramic bands are unsurpassed!
  15. I just recently purchased a white 38mm w/diamond pave center and diamond markers. I really like it ! It's trendy and goes with everything. I like the one that I picked because I don't see a lot of them. If you like the look, and can get one, I suggest that you do. I have heard that prices will be going up on 4/1.