Chanel J12 or Cartier Roadster

  1. I am ready to buy my next watch and torn between the J12 or the cartier roadster. Can you all help me out, which should I pick? HELP!!
    j12.jpg cartier.JPG
  2. J12! Can someone tell me the price of that J12 too? It looks soo beautiful..
  3. Roadster
  4. Roadster, most definitely. (I have been dying for one -- it is timeless.)
  5. Definately the roadster...i've been wanting the pink face's hot
  6. the j12 with diamond markers on it is $4500
  7. I vote for the j12
  8. J12 looks younger. Cartier is more classy. For myself, I prefer the J12.
  9. Roadster, hands down. Love Cartier watches. My next watch will be Roadster with black face.
  10. I'm biased... I have a few Cartier watches and love them!
  11. i have j12 and love it. But that cartier watch is gorgeous too.....mmmm....can i have both? i am not much help here....
  12. I say go for the Cartier first then get the J12. Although, I think my Cartier is going to get some rest for awhile since I just got my J12. I love it!
  13. j12! I love it!!!
  14. CARTIER CARTIER CARTIER CARTIER. For me it's the biggest hight jewelry in the world. So elegant, so feminine, so... everything
  15. I have 2 J12's so I'm a bit partial to them:yes: .....but that Roadster is gorgeous :nuts: !!!!!!!!