Chanel J12 in all places... Guess Where

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  1. I am an avid Marshalls Home Goods shopper. Love the place to the point of addiction. We have some great ones here that are paired up with Marshalls stores and it only makes my checkbook squeal even louder.

    So, back to the original reason for my post....... I was in one of my favs the other day and browsed past the watch case. I thought, "NO WAY!" and stood around for some time waiting for the customer ahead of me to browse. Having no patience, I thought, I will get my browsing done and return before leaving the store.

    Fast forward, I return and ask about the price on the J12. I point to the case and the clerk takes it out, (completely clueless I might add) and states with wide eyes that she must get her manager. I stated I was just looking for the price, I am familiar with the item, at which point she stated $12,500

    OK, I am not a prude, or meaning to make this sound nasty or negative, but how in the world did a Marshalls store get a J12????????????
  2. Marshall's and TJ Maxx are owned by the same parent company. TJ Maxx has "runway" stores that get high end items, including the occasional J12, so I imagine they got the J12 the same way the TJ Maxx stores get them. It was probably old stock from a department store that the company bought out.
  3. Yes I'm not surprised. I've seen a few cartier there also costco has Chanel and cartier also but they are not covered under warranty when purchased at a non authorized retailer which they are not.
  4. It was priceless to see the look on the clerk's face that took the watch out the case, she clearly was not familiar with it
  5. It must have been a nice and sparkly J12 for 12K :smile:
  6. It's hard for me to imagine the watch actually being purchased.
  7. I will continue to stalk it, maybe they will reduce it