Chanel J12 Advice

  1. Hi ladies! I bought a white 38mm Chanel J12 watch a few months ago and hardly ever wear it. Especially since I just got engaged and it doesn't look right with my ring. I also have very tiny wrists and the watch is just so huge!!! I bought the watch at Saks and it's past the 60 day policy so I can't return it. Should I sell it on eBay? Would anyone actually trust buying a J12 on eBay? I still have the reciept, box and everything. Could Chanel possibly do anything for me? I'm clueless as with what to do. I can't afford to keep it. Any advice? :confused1:
  2. well, it's not right to try and take it back f you've worn it IMO anyhow.
    I'd try and sell it on eBay.
  3. I agree with swanky. You can sell it on ebay but make sure to take LOTS of pictures so everyone can be reassured that it is authentic. I know that I would be wary of buying such an expensive watch online, so I would want all the pictures I can get! Good luck. I'm sorry you don't like it. It is such a gorgeous watch.
  4. Yeah, I guess ebay is my best bet. I'll be sure to have lots of photos. Thanks for the advice girls. :flowers:
  5. sorry that you have to let go the J12, good luck with your sale on ebay. Maybe you can offer to go along with the buyer to the Chanel boutique for the authentication after the auction ends (if the buyer is located in the same city as you)?
  6. Sorry that you're not in love with it. I love the size of my 38 mm, but I know that a lot of women find it too big. :yes: As mentioned, I would sell it on eBay. Make sure to take pics of the authenticity booklet with the seller heat stamp too. Good luck!