Chanel J-12 watch

  1. Hey yall, im a guy and im looking for that perfect watch..
    and im thinking that the j-12 just might be it =D.

    does anybody know the price range of these watches?
    i love the superleggera and i love the regular j12 in black
    cud u just tell me what the prices wud be for like
    the superleggera,the plain black j12 and then the plain black j12 with rubber strap?
    thanks =D

    and also post pics/feedback if u have one!
  2. has pics of the J-12 watches

    They range from $3500 I think for the plain one without any diamonds, $4600 for the one w/diamond markers and $9500 for the diamond bezel one- these are ceramic. These are prices for the womens J12s I believe the mens are the same. Can't remember the price of the Superleggera but think it was around $4k??
  3. I have the J12 with diamond bezel. I am not sure about the pricing for the superleggera or the rubber strap. The plain black one should be about 4K now. There was a price increase on the J12s on April 1st. BTW I love my J12!!!!
  4. Funny this thread just popped up. Last night I was on a plane from SF to Long Beach and 3 girls got on, yes girls maybe 18-19 years old, very cute in that Paris Hilton way, tank tops and jeans, and one had on the diamond bezel watch!! OMG, how is it that this little sprite has this watch and I don't? That bothered me.

    OK. back to topic...
  5. richparents probably :p
  6. Got this off the catalogue that I got sent but you can change it to $ yourself :smile:. I purposely didn’t include the 38mm prices because if you decide to get one, don’t buy the 38mm ones unless you want to look girly :p.

    Superleggera Ref. H1624 (41mm, ceramic, certified chronometer, tachymeter scale) = €4,900.

    Chronograph Ref. H0938 (41mm, leather, certified chronometer) = €3,700
    Chronograph Ref. H0939 (41mm, rubber, certified chronometer) = €4,200
    Chronograph Ref. H0940 (41mm, black ceramic, certified chronometer) = €4,500

    I realise what I am going to say next is not going to go down too well with the J12s owners (and I gather that there are many ladies who have J12s here) :sweatdrop: but I think J12s are toys and not a classic. Just my personal preference but hey, I was offered the full blown baguette sapphire J12 of which there are only 12 in the world but I would rather dump my money on a Patek or a Breguet without the bling! Essentially, I think/reckon J12 is just a trendy thing whose popularity (just like AP Royal Oak Offshore Team Alinghi and Hublot Big Bang) will fade very quickly once the current trend with ‘fusion’ materials such as ceramics, rubber, PVDs, etc. subsides.

    Every lady is going to say why don’t you just shut up, Bee :upsidedown: but for the gentleman who started the thread, I would advise him to not get one. I gather that he is young and like fashionable objects but watches are long-term items. Naturally there is a tradeoff between the two but when he gets older, J12s just looks ridiculous on any man’s wrist. Then when on the secondary market, I doubt you can get more than 50% of its original value (but hey every single watch except the Grand Complications from haute horologiemanufacture loses value so maybe I am talking nonsense). But seriously if I was a guy and had €4,900, I would rather go for something from a ‘proper’ manufacture – naturally not Rolex because it just looks stupid on a young person, LOL.

    May be something from IWC (may be an Aquatimer but I am not an IWC expert) or Jaeger LeCoultre (something from Master Compressor line) or stretching it, an Officine Panerai Luminor Marina PAM111 which is also a craze but one that will probably last longer than J12.

    Hmm, I think I blabbered aimlessly here maybe because I need to go out to lunch, LOL because if it happens that the gentleman has $10m in his account then buy whatever and throw it away when the watch gets boring!
  7. well i personally dont =D..but one day in the future when my parents leave me everything? lol.
    but for now they might.
    but the j12 isnt all thats on my list.. im thinking about a cartier or rolex as well.
    i also like the Vuitton tambour watches
  8. I think he should go for the J12 if that is what he wants, I belive you should wear what you want, no matter what your age. Before I was worried that my Rolex would look silly on me because I was only 21, but I don't care what people think I will wear what I like, not wear something because I am supposed to and it suits my age! Go for the J12!
  9. =P i just might have to haha.
    but the cartier watch i want is rly hott.
    so who knows.
    and then theres the tambours... and then theres rolex.
    so many choices.
  10. Love the J12! I got it in white with diamond bezel as a graduation gift (guilty of having rich parents...).
  11. J12 in black is nice. Hey, why not a Breitling?!? :push:
  12. I so want a J12 now. If anyone has pics of their watch, would they mind posting it? Thanks so much.
  13. ^^my vote is for the cartier (and i'm all about chanel!). I've been wearing my tank francais for 8 years now and it's always appropriate. you can't really go wrong with cartier imho!
  14. I've been wanting to get the j12 myself but after finding out is is not included in the Saks F&F I really don't have any good excuse to spend 3.500.
  15. I too was on a j12 high until I did some research and found out watch connoisseurs consider it a toy watch. So on with my quest of finding a "real" watch. Also, LV watches are just over-priced tag heuers (they're both made from the same co.)