Chanel items on sale at Saks, Dadeland Mall

  1. Was at Saks tonight, checked their Chanel sale items still available, will try to describe.

    Handbags, one bowler style not quilted but with squares and chanel in metal silver letters, double leather handle, (hand held only) in a taupe/tan color Sale Price: $1067.00

    Real cool looking gym bag/small travel duffle size nylon with large CC's, shiny, with double handles. Regular Price I believe was $895.00 less 30%. almost positive about this price.

    2 Real pretty (I have one reserved till tomorrow), large, double flap with silver chain which has been welded at the top, leather is super soft and smoth, 2 mademoiselle silver (Ruthenium) clasps and a back open pocket., pic attached, but prettier in person., regular price $2195, 30% off.

    4 smaller versions of the above bag but a greenish/grey color, called celadon. regular price $1895, sale price 30% off.

    dark pink wallets, 2 small wallets but they hold 6 credit cards, bills and coins., from $475.00 to $332.00.-very pretty color.

    2 other bags in like a teal/blue color, not large, and a model I am not familiar with, original price $2495, less 30%, I can't describe it, but it was not large, had handles for hand held only and may have had thin band insert of reptile, not positive...sorry.

    Great black belt, size large with gorgeous black/white square buckle, I have seen it posted on the forum., sorry I forgot the price for this.
    pics on next post., I have my wonderful SA on standby in case anyone is interested in any of the items., she will be in at 10:30 a.m. tomorrow. pm me for her phone number and name.
  2. Pics thanks to Sucre
  3. any pics of the wallets? i'm VERY interested!
  4. No sorry I did not get a picture, they were not an envelope style but more square or rectangular, dark pink. I will try to check the reference thread to see if I find one to

    quote=cjen49;4575095]any pics of the wallets? i'm VERY interested![/quote]
  5. Thanks for the info! :flowers:
  6. which Saks did you go to? Can you PM me your SA's phone number?
  7. I don't care for the size, but I just need a new wallet. :smile: Thanks, H!

  8. Here are two pictures from the reference thread, the wallet I saw looked very similar to both of these. Pictures posted by Like a Feather and Honu. Sorry, I could not upload Like a Feather's pictures of her black wallet, but they are on the first page of the reference thread for Accessories. The small black wallet with 4 pictures showing..

    The two at Saks were dark pink.
    chanel wallet.jpg
  9. Thx for the info!! :flowers:
  10. Too bad you are not sure what the two teal/blue ones are. The color sounds amazing.
  11. Let me see if I find them in the reference thread:heart:H

  12. Oooh! I love that double flap you have on reserve! I have this bag and the leather is amazing and it's a great size and gorgeously slouchy! Early congrats on it!
  13. thanks so much for all the info and for trying to find pics! :heart:
  14. whoever decides to buy the teal/blue bag, could you pleeeeze post pictures? :smile: TIA!
  15. God! Ever since you posted that pix, I am in love with it. I wish I can get this but I just spent my money on the envelope. It's beautiful....congrats. Post your pix when you get it!