Chanel is pulling me in- can't resist

  1. I went to NM Tysons Galleria today to look at Chanel bags in person. I had looked once before, but it was when I had first found tPF so I did not know alot about what I was seeing. I have been planning to get a LV damier speedy next month because I need :okay: a brown hand held bag, and there are some Jimmy Choo boots I was planning to get.

    Enter Chanel. With the information I have learned from this forum, I was really interested in seeing and touching some bags. I was also getting interested in maybe getting a timeless clutch before the price increase. I am now :drool: over the jumbo classic flap. I love it! I also really liked the Chanel shopper. Both would allow me to carry alot of the mom stuff and me stuff I have to carry. I also :heart: the timeless clutch in white cavier. I know I won't be able to use it since it is the end of summer, but there are some white Chanel sunnies on my wish list so they would go with the purse.

    I am torn since I was not planning to spend almost $3000 on purses! Given the pending price increase any Chanel purse I get is likely to be my first and last for a long while. It would be an investment piece(s) and would be something to hand down to my daughter some day

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. I think you can't go wrong with the jumbo classic flap in caviar...I just got mine yesterday and it is gorgeous and functional and so timeless. I think I will love this bag forever!
  3. Glad to see Chanel has won you over though. A lot of them are classics, and it would be something nice to hand down to family members like your daughter someday too.
  4. the jumbo classic flap in caviar is my dream bag if you are able to get one i say that

    but the chanel shopper is also a great choice !

    oh and im getting a damier speedy 30 next month as well
  5. I'm planning to get the Jumbo Caviar Flap and the Damier Speedy 30. We all have so much in common. I say get a Jumbo for EGC this Thursday.
  6. I've been on the hunt for my first Chanel, too, and have practically the same requirements that you have. I looked at totes including the GST...but I have my jumbo flap in black caviar preordered for EGC Thursday!
  7. Ronsdiva, welcome to a world of pain! It wasn't terribly long ago that the thought of paying $1000 for a bag distressed me, and now I've made the leap to a Chanel it's soooo hard to go back.

    Like you, I have been in a similar position. As much as everyone laughs at me when I say it, I wanted my bag choice to be a real investment and a bag that my daughter could wear years down the line (the way I do with bags my mother purchased 20 years ago!). I ended up choosing a jumbo black caviar with silver hardware, and have never looked back. I squeeze so much stuff in this bag it's unbelievable so I find it incredibly practical. I do also think the flap has a slight advantage over the GST in that you are more easily able to dress it up or down in my opinion (I've worn it both with an LBD and jeans and flip flops!). So if this truly is a serious investment piece for you, rather than just being another Chanel for your collection, I think it's possibly more versatile (but I have seen other opinions on this!). And lastly, I am notoriously bad at taking care of my things and after 18 months it still looks great, despite having fallen out of overhead lockers on planes multiple times :sweatdrop: and being used regularly (which in London means in rain as well).

    So after that massive diatribe, can you tell my vote is going to be for the jumbo flap? :roflmfao:

    PS. I LOVE both of the other bags you mentioned, and they are on my list but definitely come second to the flap...
  8. Oh yeah, sounds like you're hooked and there's no way back :nogood::graucho:

    The Jumbo flap would be an excellent choice and really an investment piece IMO.
  9. ronsdiva, I can totally relate to you... once you're in, you're totally in! Welcome...

    I'd suggest the Jumbo flap, it's a wonderful bag. It's very classy, totally a good investment IMHO. Can fit lots of stuffs, and it just goes with whatever that I wear. I got the one with the new chain silver h/w - Damian @ Saks had put one on hold for the EGC event on Thurs (he's the BEST!!!!).

    I know that one I'd be happy to pass this bag to my daughter, when the time comes...
  10. the jumbo flap is sooo great--it's versatile. It does fit a lot of stuff, and I'm used to carrying a bunch of stuff in my bigger bags.
  11. jumbo wins I think! good luck whatever you choose!
  12. I totally feel you! I don't buy too many bags, but I already have the classic 2.55 black lambskin. Recently I just purchased the GST in dark navy blue (looks almost black). Now, I'm having second thoughts and am thinking of exchanging it for another piece. The GST seems like a unpopular style for young hipsters. Any advice??
  13. ahhh I think the GST can look fabby love_chanel. Its a bag that suits everybody :biggrin:

    And Ronsdiva, so glad you have decided to tread the golden path of Chanel ;)
  14. LOL! Sounds like a plan!!!
  15. Jumbo would be my choice, as it's good for day and evening. Actually, you won't regret with either choice. Good luck.