Chanel is not allowed to email their clients products infomation?

  1. Hi ladies,

    I am new to the forum and new the Chanel line. But I absolutely :heart: it. But the problem I am facing is I just called the Chanel boutique at Short Hills, NJ and talked to Paul (whom I bought a bag from last week) and asked him about the upcoming sale and in the future when Chanel has a sale going on if he could email me the pics of the items that are on sale. He said NO because it's the company's policy not to release the information to the customer that way. I don't think this is true. Am I right?

    Thank you.
  2. It really depends on the store I guess. There are a lot of Neimans that e-mail pics to other Pfer's.
  3. People do it, but they aren't supposed to, he's right. It is Chanel's policy. I've inquired, and it has to do with copyrights, etc.

  4. Thank you AprilValentine, now I feel less embarass :smile: .
  5. My Nordstrom s/a was told not to email the lookbooks to customers... so yeah... it is against Chanel policy.
  6. Chanel boutiques absolutely do not allow anyone to take pictures of merchandise. In fact, the security guards will stare you down if you try to take a pic with your friends in the store. The department stores seem to be a lot more relaxed about it.:shrugs:
  7. I used to work at Chanel as a product development assistant and yes, it's against company's policy to email info and pics to customers. They don't even allow any online stores to sell their merchandise. We have a strict compliance department that doesn't even allow us to use our work email for any kind of personal use!
  8. My SA always sends me look books..oops