Chanel is my first love...

  1. Ok tPF friends....I broke down today and bought my first LV bag...was hoping for a red or camel Chanel anything, but my fav consignment shop had 3 Epi bags, one being the Jasmin in Orange. It was TDF and so....despite my decision not to buy LV, I did get it. It was 50% off retail! Wait :s I am not completely crossing over, I did also pick up a pair of brand new Chanel black slides for the summer :love: and a pair of Dior snakeskin spikes.
  2. ^^I adore my Chanels as well but diversity is the spice of life!! I have to check out this consignment shop--sounds fab...drag me along next time! :smile:
    Now don't forget to save for a Hermes as well!:graucho:
  3. Sometimes you need to mix things up a bit! I don't blame you for not passing up a great deal!
  4. its hard to pass on an lv epi.. they are too cute!
  5. let's see those shoes!
  6. Photos on their way!
  7. As promised, Swanky, here are the photos of my new Chanel shoes! I have my new pink toes (for V-Day) but please excuse the sock lines...I was in my office working and it is cold up here!
    Chanel Shoes.jpg Chanel Shoes side.jpg