Chanel Iridescent Pale Gold Flap

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  1. Hi TPFers! I was wondering if anybody owns this purse? I've read online that the metallic lambskin is very hard to take care of and it is quite stain resistant.

    If you do own one, can you please share your thoughts?

  2. I have this and no stains on it even when I wear jeans. Scratches do show though when you hold it up against the light.
  3. it's gorgeous!
  4. :drool: stunning! don't own one. I've been researching on the different types of materials..and feel this is a delicate leather. Colour can transferand rub over time. The SA told me.
  5. Stunning:smile:
  6. Saw this on Ebay!!! It's gorgeous!
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    Here's mine. I just took her out for a pic as I haven't been using her for sometime. . I love the shimmering. I love this mini! Sorry don't know why pic is so big.

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  8. I have the cwc in this color and I find the material is more delicate than my lambskin. The leather has a bit of a suede like feel if that makes any sense. The color however is stunning with the pale gold hardware. I recall someone mentioning that she did use Cadillac when her bag got some color transfer. Took out the color transfer with no problem to the bag. Hope that helps.
  9. its beautiful!! but probably for special occasions only...