chanel ipod case

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    does anyone know the exact retail price of this ipod case?
    it's my 18th bday next weekend, and i would looove it as a present.
    thanks to anyone that can help.

  2. i don't know the price of that, but i was wondering if chanel had a nano case also? cuz i would LOVE to get my hands on one...
  3. OOhhh . I want one too ! Bump .
  4. I believe around +/- 275.00
    Come in black on black also. It's cambon collection.
    Best place to find Hawaii store.
  5. Danka !
  6. thank you!
  7. Neiman Marcus at Tysons Corner has a whole bunch of those cases, sorry I didn't check out the price.
  8. Retail is $315. I have the black on the black.

    I haven't seen a nano case, but they do have a case for the ipod mini. I don't remember the price on that one though.
  9. Sorry to revive an old thread but I've been drooling over the *video* ipod holder for months now.

    So far I know the following:
    - Authentic ones come in black/black, black/white
    - Retails for $315 USD
    - Is on sale at at some place cheaper?

    Bear in mind I'm talking about the video ipod version, not the nano or mini - if there are even other versions out there. So I'm curious to know the Canadian retail price. Is there any place in the states or Canada where I can find it for cheaper? What other authentic colour combinations exist? I'm interested because in the last few days there have been several Chanel ipod holders popping up on ebay, whereas before there'd be zero to one a week. They're in different colour combinations that I've never seen on here or in stock photos..

    I'm hesitant to buy because of authenticity obviously and it's still a hefty amount of money for me. Then again I look at my several pairs of $200 jeans and shrug. :shame:I'd use my ipod pretty much everyday, but I don't wear the jeans everyday. Both last a long time provided that I take care of them. This would be one of thse first major designer purses. :biggrin:
  10. First post for me...:yes:

    I saw these Ipod cases this past weekend at NM in San Francisco and they were on sale. They had about four or five of these. I specifically remember seeing the black with white CCs and the black the patent leather CCs. I believe it was on sale for $230 or $230. Hope this helps someone. Now if only I'll be lucky enough to run into a Coco
  11. yes, i saw those on sale too.