Chanel Ipod Case

  1. Ok a couple of questions about the chanel cambon phone holder that alot of people use as an ipod case.
    1)Would a 30 gig video ipod fit in it?
    2)Do they still make them?
    3)If not is there an authentic seller on eBay I could get it from?
  2. ^^Good question. I would like to know also.
  3. In a related, yet somewhat off-topic vein, is there a Chanel accessory that can be used to store a digital camera? I have a Powershot Elph. Thanks in advance!!
  4. Here are pics of mine. I kept the brown one. It fits an original iPod. (larger size) The smaller sized one fits a MINI ipod not a NANO. Too large for NANO. I also included side pics so you can see how they slip on:

  5. ugh i :heart: it=]
    so there are only two sizes?
    can i order it from chanel?
    and if u dont mind, how much was it?
  6. I don't remember exactly how much there were. I got them on sale and I think retail were around $295 or $395. I paid less than $200. Search for the iPod thread. I'm sure all the info including style number is in there.
  7. im on the phone trying to find one! cross your fingers ladies!
  8. where exactly is the "ipod forum"?
  9. Search for Ipod on the chanel forum. I think the thread was called "My new ipod holder" or something like that.
  10. thanks mucho =]