Chanel inventory Dallas

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. I was in today and saw/tried on:
    Cloudy Bundle Totes in beige {gorgeous goldish-beige} and black.
    Large Diamond Shine tote in Ombre Red
    Grand Shopping in black, white and brown
    TONS of classic flaps - didn't see red ;)
    Vintage Tote N/S in 2 colors, can only remember a gorgeous deep burgandy/brown color.
    An AMAZING python patent 'hobo' - did not look like a hobo really, was a GREAT size and had a kiss lock closure on top.
    Lots of Rock Chic bags.
  2. Hi, what color did you see the classic flaps in?
  3. you know? I'm not a Classic Flap kind of gal, so I didn't even pay attention :sad:
    Just noticed they seemed to be everywhere.
  4. gaww i need to pay them a visit... midterms are killing me!
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