Chanel inventory at NM on 11/17/06

  1. Hi girls, I went to pick up Reissue in Dark Silver today at NM.
    Here's some of what they had

    -Baby Cabas in Navy and White
    -Reissue 226 in Light Silver
    -Jumbo flap in Creme ostritch leather
    -MC flap in Red
    -Navy/Creme Stripe Flap, has some charms on chain
    -some classic flap in blue and purple caviar
    -ritz cosmetic pouch

    and some regular stuff......
    If you are interested of any give my wonderful SA a call!!!

    Lisa at NM 248-635-8442
  2. Thanks for the post! Are you sure the baby cabas was navy and not the teal that has been pictured on the forum?
  3. I tried on Teal which was on hold for me, and passed it on to next person on a list. And yes, there is a Navy baby is a true navy color....nothing like teal.
  4. So, Teal is not available, but navy and white is for anyone
  5. ^ I have not seen the baby cabas in navy, how do you like that color? I am waiting for the khaki one to come. Do you prefer khaki? Or that navy?
  6. ^I've never seen Khaki on Baby I can't compare. Navy was really nice color, but it's a matte color, no metaric in it...if that's what you are looking for.

    BTW, there was a LUX Flap in Siver, too.
  7. What is the MC flap in Red?

  8. Modern Chain :yes:
  9. Thanks for the info! What was the navy/cream stripe flap like?? It sounds cute!! Did you happen to notice the price?
  10. Price was something like $1950.....and it was velvet material. Very cute purse, I think there was a pic in Chanel ad/reference library. It was from Fall/Winter collection
  11. Would you say it is a true navy? Or is it more a royal blue? Would you say the navy is similar tone to the distressed patent navy reissue from cruise line? Coz to me the patent reissue is more a royal blue than navy blue, and I'd prefer a true navy blue.

    Also, it's the navy distressed leather like the black baby cabas?

  12. It's a distressed navy blue however, it is smooth calfskin, not caviar so it is very's a cool color..nothing like the 2.55 reissue..i agree that it is more like a royal blue
  13. Ah, that sounds pretty nice too, I am trying to picture how the distressed leather looks like. And it seems like only NM is getting the navy color? Coz I have not seen/heard about navy is Saks and the boutiques.

    Maybe I should trust my instinct and stay with khaki which is my initial choice.
  14. Can someone please post a pic of the cabas in teal? or send a link? also if there are pics of the khaki that would be great