Chanel Interior

  1. Which of these Chanel bags has the most interior room?

    Caviar Medallion Tote
    Ultimate Soft Foldover
  2. I'd say bowler. . . which bowler though?

    I'm thinking Luxe Bowler.
    They're all shaped so differently, your stuff will "fall/settle" very differently in each.
  3. If you're talking about the caviar bowler, that definitely doesn't hold a whole lot.
  4. I just received the medium Luxe Bowler yesterday. My friend described it as looking like a loaf of bread! :lol: It has a very roomy interior because it is wide. There is an inside zip pocket, a cell phone pocket, and one other open pocket. I haven't seen the other two bags in person but I'll venture to guess the Bowler has more room.
  5. the bowler has the most room but if you're going to stuff i'd go with the medallion coin tote because it won't lose it's shape. it's more structured and you could stuff a ton of things in there and not worry about it sagging. when i stuff my bowler it sags like the LV speedy, but my medallion holds it's shape.
  6. Thanks to everyone who answered.
  7. When choosing my first Chanel I was also wondering which would be best for me the bowler or the Medallion Caviar tote. I chose the caviar tote, and it is still my all time fav. bag. I use it every day:yahoo: