Chanel inspires Paul's Boutique

  1. check out pauls take on chanel am i right or am i right???

    [​IMG]actually i quiet like it i think its CUTE :biggrin: witht he charms and all -

    wht say u??
  2. that is cute.
  3. and in red ...

    and another one

  4. they're very chanel but they're cute LOL
  5. cute, obvious imposters but cute:biggrin:
  6. Cute....but very annoying if you spent good money on the real one...:blink:
  7. one way or another you manage to post either fakes or sites selling fakes
    and this is absolutely NO CUTE AT ALL!
  8. haha the only reason i DIDNT post the website this was avail. from is so tht no one would be annoyed -

    we shld all be secure in our real purchases because ppl who want to buy fakes or inspired will do so no matter what we do :smile:

    p.s. i have never posted a fake website - plz have ur facts right!
  9. ewww
  10. "inspired?" More like "imitated" or "copied"!
  11. I actually think that's really cute. It's like a mix of the perf flap e/w and the reissue closure.. If Chanel made a version of this, I think I'd buy it!
  12. ahh thnk God for missisa - haha

    i am soon to get my first chanel and this gives me the idea of putting some colourfull charms on it :biggrin: i cant wait
  13. Thanks AmnA for clarifying and I'm really sorry I overreacted but there have been so many threads advertising fakes from time to time and seeing these I got really :mad: lol!BTW it's easy though for someone to find that site by just googling .On the other hand none of the ladies here ,would be interested in Paul's "inspired"bags,IMO!
    As far as the charms are concerned I don't think Chanel bags really need any (again IMHO!)
    Hope you get your first Chanel soon and join the club too !:yes:
  14. IMO these are not "fake" Chanel bags, they clearly are not using the Chanel name or cc logo and even sport a rather large label on the back of the actual brand. They are however VERY inspired but do not seem to be attempting to pose as an authentic bag.......They're cute, I wouldn't buy one but I wouldn't attack someone else who had it.
  15. The perforated looks a lot better than the plastic, or is it patent... Yes they are kinda cute.