Chanel Inspired ... No, Really, Truly, Inspired!

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  1. I don't mean "inspired" like when they use it as an excuse to create a knockoff or look-alike.
    I mean items that you purchased because it reminds you of Chanel in a way that makes you happy. Or familiar.

    Does anyone have any purchases to share?
    I will share my most recent purchase (which I absolutely love and adore):

    Purchased at Bloomingdales (link here), she is so slouchy, smooshy and lightweight.
    Totally reminds me of the Coco Cocoon ligne, but in a lightweight and super practical backpack.
    I also love the plastic zipper teeth; in this case, it is nice because it doesn't scratch my lambskin SLGs that I use to slip into the front pocket. Side stash pockets for phone also a huge plus.
  2. Heard of "text and drop"? Literally you can text and then drop it!
    Another purchase not as recent, but still fits the category... Bandolier iPhone 6S+ case with chain. Purchased at

    Yeah I know, I have an illness about the whole "on chain" thing, if anyone has been paying attention...

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  3. I really want this haha.
  4. I have a MZ Wallace bag and it wears like iron.
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