Chanel Inimitable Mascara-- what to use in place of this??

  1. I really need to cut down my spending so I can move out and pay for college now that I'm graduating. So I'm thinking of different ways to cut down. I can't change my foundation/powder because I've found the perfect combo for my skin (It's also Chanel) but their mascara, eyeliner (found replacement) and lip liner (found replacement-- I think) I have to nix for a while.

    So for the mascara... I mean this stuff is perfect, I love it. But I go through them so quickly, almost less than 4 weeks. So I really have to use something else less expensive. I think it goes for $30. I've already used Diorshow which is too close to that price as, I think $25? Maybe the Chanel is $25.

    Is anyone familiar with Cover Girl's mascara that has the same type of wand as Chanel's Inimitable? It's rubbery with the tiny cones... separates the lashes very nicely as well.
    Or any other brand similar? It's the cone wand that I think is working for me. I want to stay under $15... I'm shooting for under $10, though.

    Any suggestions? Thanks for saving me some trial and error as well as money!
  2. The CG one (volume exact I think) with the same kind of wand is a pretty good alternative IMO. They came out with another one Lash Blast that has the same kind of wand but I haven't tried it yet.
  3. I love CG's super thick lash (in the pink tube) or professional (in the blue tube). People seem to have a love/hate relationship with Lash Blast - if you can find it on sale it would be worth trying ;)
  4. I can't get Inimitable where I live (no Chanel counter out here, gotta drive it Atlanta), so when I ran out last time and didn't have any opportunities to go to Atlanta in site, i bought the covergirl lash blast for around $6 and i actually really like it. the wand is a bit bigger, but i think it has a similar effect.
  5. Cover Girl Define-a-Lash in the bright green tube works great for me and has one of those type wands. There's a Rimmel that does, too.
  6. i actually don't know what inimitable is all about but i just received a tube and am very excited to try it now!
    just have to finish my tubes of everlong and supernova first.

    i remember when i used to use drugstore brands though, i really loved maybelline. great lash is always voted as the number one selling mascara in the world so maybe it's worth giving a try?
  7. Try Maybelline Volume Express mascara, the waterproof. It works well, and has been my favorite for drugstore brands. As for the chanel inimitable, I tried it, but I wasn't really impressed with it, but so many people have said that they love it, maybe I should give it another try.
  8. the brush has to be used with a different technique than most, but after a little while, it's like god's gift to eyelashes.
  9. amanda, can you please explain the technique of applying it so i may know for future purposes? tia!
  10. you're going to have to wiggle the spines in at the base of your lashes until you see them kind of 'fan out.' then swipe upwards. repeat as needed :smile:. you'll see what i mean when you try it, they separate your lashes out a lot better than a traditional brush.
  11. thanks alot! :flowers:
    i'm so excited to use it now!
    but first i have to finish my two tubes of opened mascara cause they weren't cheap. :p
  12. The only one I've used that comes anywhere near Inimitable is Shiseido's Lasting Lift... but then again, you probably won't be saving more than a couple of bucks. Good luck with your search!!
  13. I just got an idea actually... I wonder if I should try to use the inimitable applicator brush with a new mascara? I bought the Cover Girl LashExact tonight and am comparing how the brushes look... and I thought of it. Anyone try this? I wonder how similar the actual mascara is and how much of how it looks is from the brush. I will try it tomorrow when I do my makeup in the morning. Thanks for the help!
  14. I wouldn't stick the old wand in a new tube no matter what the brand. You could get the bacteria on the old one in the new tube, kwim? You should replace mascara every couple of months anyway.
  15. I absolutely love L'Oreal's Double Extend in carbon black. One end is a tube with a colorless thickener/lengthener, and the other is the mascara itself. It stays on all day, doesn't run or flake and is super easy to wash off at night...