Chanel Informative Catalog

  1. Hello fellow Chanel loving ladies!

    On the advice and a TPF member, from a previous Chanel thread, and copying the Hermes thread, I thought it'd be a good idea to start our own "Chanel Informative Catalog." It would be a reference guide for all the Chanel lovers that needs to collect information on Chanel bags.

    How about categorizing each bag into the following:

    1. Model Name followed by year produced
    2. Type of Material
    3. Colors Available
    4. Sizes Available
    5. Picture of Bag (one from the web, not a personal collection pic -lets try to keep it like a "professional" Chanel catalog)

    I hope all you Chanel adoring ladies contribute.:heart:
  2. I'm not sure how much I can contribute but I'm game! I think it's an excellent idea, Pink!
  3. Someone Just Said This In Another Thread.....About 5 Min. Before, I Was Thinking The Same!

    Thank You Pink...I Will Do My Best To Contribute As Well!
  4. Chanel Ligne Cambon 2004 collection

    - Black with white CC-logo
    - White with black CC-logo
    - Pink with black CC-logo
    - Beige with black CC-logo
    Chanel-Cambon1.jpg Chanel-Cambon2.jpg Chanel-Cambon3.jpg Chanel-Cambon4.jpg
  5. Chanel Ligne Cambon 2004 ads:
    CC-Vanessa1.jpg CC-Vanessa2.jpg CC-Vanessa3.jpg CC-Vanessa4.jpg CC-Vanessa5.jpg CC-Vanessa6.jpg
  6. ...
    Chanel-Cambon5.jpg Chanel-Cambon6.jpg
  7. In no particular order, and without description, here are pictures I have saved.
    04m.jpg 07m.jpg chanel255reissue1.jpg camboncamera.jpg ch-ba060330-1-5.jpg
  8. Luxury bowlers for 2006 in lambskin. Red, gold, silver, matte black and metallic black.
  9. Courtesy of

    Classic tweed 2005
    Mink fall 2003
    classictweed2005.jpg Mink Fall 2003.jpg
  10. Doesn't Chanel still give out hardcover catalogs featuring ready to wear/handbags, with a price list???
  11. hi! what are the sizes of the bags from the third pic? and how much are they?