Chanel information needed!

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking for some information in regards a Chanel bag that I just saw in the Hills forum under celebrity. Here is a picture that I'm borrowing from there from Audrina carrying a cahnel bag:
    I would like to know if this bag is available and if anyone knows the price for it.


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  2. Diamond Stitch tote. I think that is the large.
  3. This is by far MY favorite/everyday bag:tup::tup:, yes it is the large Diamond Stitch Tote.
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  5. Audrina is carrying the large size. I have this purse in the small size and love it!
  6. Anyone know what the size difference is bt the small and large? I have the small dimensions, can't seem to find the large?
  7. Thank you! I am going to check out the small size. Small bags suit me better as I'm pretty petite in size.
  8. I'm looking for a large in black! Bonanzle must be down right now... I can't get to it! :smile: Do you know if the bag on Bonanzle is authentic? I'll be happy to post it in the authentication thread when I can get to Bonanzle, but thought you might know.
  9. Post it on the authentication far, it looks good but I am no expert on that subject. :shrugs:
  10. Thanks! Still can't get to it. :sad: