Chanel increase in value?

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  1. We often hear that Chanel increase in value and Chanel is always a good investment because you can sell it and get your money back or even a profit. But I've honestly never seen a Chanel bag or SLG being sold for over retail on the second hand market where I live (Sweden). The prices are often quite low. For example, a classic flap in excellent condition, sold by a private person, would usually sell for a couple of $100 or even $1000 or so below retail. Is that truly what you would call a good investment? I'm just curious how a good investment is defined?
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  2. It depends on what you or anyone else considers a “good investmen”. To some an investment is a means of increasing their wealth, to others it is value of personal pleasure. I have never seen Chanel (or any other designer) bags as an investment of money. It is not a child, not a pet, not a work of art, not a hause, not a trust fund, not a stock. It is an expensive handbag. End of story. A handbag purchase is not a route to increase a wealth level. Period. But it can be something that one gets pleasure from having and using. So everyone has to decide for themselves what their expectations are, and determine if an expensive handbag is a “good investment” for them.
  3. Due to the frequent price increases, every used classic flap I’ve sold has gone for more than I paid for it, even if it’s less than current retail value. I’ve never lost any money.
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  4. Exactly!! I paid $2800 for my single flap Jumbo caviar CF years ago so if I were to sell it today I wouldn’t be losing money. But I don’t buy bags for investment I buy b/c I love them.
  5. I have been thinking a bit of how good an investment Chanel really is too... it is difficult to be sure and it depends on the specific product (is it a sought after, difficult to get, classic or seasonal, color etc.). And I am absolutely no expert...

    I am in Denmark so I think the preloved market here would be sort of the same as in Sweden. I bought a Chanel that I regret a couple of months ago and I think I might sell it in maybe a year or so. However I do not expect to get the current retail price since I bought it recently and do not profit from the price increases as if I would have bought for some years ago. I think that people that bought the classics a couple of years ago might get more for the preloved bag now than they actually paid back when they bought it. So for them it must be considered a great investment. Buy the bag, use it an love it for a couple of years, then get more than you paid for it when selling it. This happens like some other people have stated here in the thread. However, I do not expect that to happen with my recent bag that I already wish to exchange... If I sell it soon I will loose some money. However, since it is a Chanel I still think it can sell for a rather decent price since it will be fairly new and in really great condition. So I will "loose" some money since I will not be able to get the same amount as i spent on the bag, but I still feel that because it is a Chanel I will be able to get a fair amount of what I paid even though it is a preloved bag. Therefore I still feel that it will be a "fairly good investment" since I will have used it and still be able to get a relatively large percentage of what I paid for it back if I sell it in a year or so when it is still in good condition.

    I suppose everything is relative, also when you feel you made a good investment or not. I certainly would wish I did not buy this bag that I now regret... It will cost me some money that's for sure. However I think that the loss will be perhaps a "minimum" compared to some other brands, because it is a fairly sought after Chanel. So therefore I think that when making a mistake like this for example, it is better to make it with a Chanel than with some other brands where you might possible loose even more. In this case I think (hope) that I can be somewhat saved because it is a Chanel. We will see!
  6. Some highly sought after bags are going above retail. Like with other real “investments”, there are risks. Your stocks and real estates aren’t always “good” investments either. And they all take time. Similarly with Chanel, you’d have to have the eye to spot the better pieces that will increase in price with TIME.
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  7. I think the only part of “good investment” that makes sense to me with Chanel is that you get more back if you want to sell a bag than with some other brands.
    I still think that for “regular” folks, not bloggers who have platforms or resellers you still lose money depending on how you sell. At least this has been my experience. If you give to fashionphile, or a consignment person you still lose some money. To sell by yourself feels too risky to me and so I ended up going the fashionphile way. I bought a preloved reissue thinking I would defn not lose money on it but in fact realized that the selling price and the buying price of the same preloved item is different!
  8. what purchase are you regretting? I am just curious!
  9. I recently bought my first Chanel as I thought it would be a "good investment" and I do own other designer handbags. I see my Chanel as an "investment" buy because it is a classic which will stay for many many years, I love the bag and I know I will use it A LOT (considering the cost per wear). I don't see it as an investment that will make me money.

    In the unfortunately situations that I do need to sell my handbags, I think I will get more back from my Chanel compared to other bags. They are more expensive but at the same time, I feel they hold their value slightly better than other brands. E.g. I am not confident that I can get even 50% back of my Balenciaga, compared to 70% plus if I sell the Chanel (providing they are both in good condition). This is just from what I can see because I always look at the pre-loved market before I make a purchase.

    Chanel keeps on increasing their prices because they want to keep it as a "luxury" brand. I can't see how the pre-loved Chanel bags will go higher than current retail price, why would people spend more on a second-hand bag when they can buy a brand new one for less? The only Chanel I know that's priced higher than the retail value on the pre-loved market are the rectangular mini in caviar and excellent condition black lamb square mini.
  10. It is a Coco handle in black chevron. I actually like it a lot but after buying it I have just been unsure of whether I should have bought a classic flap or a 19 flap instead... But now I just have to use it for a while and see how my "relationship" with it develops over some time I suppose :smile:
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  11. When you want to sell a bag, the consignment shop will take a cut.
    With that being said, there are some bags that were so sought over, they instantly sold through consignment shops and other websites for significantly more (black mermaid Boy, pink unicorn mini). I’m still mad at my husband for not letting me buy the mermaid Boy.
  12. I totally agree. Thanks for sharing your thoughts in this
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  13. Wow, that's great! I guess the demand is much higher where you live - here in Sweden that would never happen...
  14. That's totally how I personally also shop for bags. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :smile:
  15. Interesting thoughts. I can totally see what you mean by the time factor. Thanks for sharing.
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