Chanel in Venice great service :)

  1. Hippieee!! Maybe some one of you will remember I finally got my first Chanel bag last December in Venice (Italy) store but they forgot to give me the dustbag.
    Well, today it came with the mail and there was also a nice card saying thanks for your purchase and sincere wishes for new year. I post photos. Also, the big envelope was without a return address so my parents still don't know I have a Chanel bag and that's great b/c they dont' understand spending 400 euro for a speedy, just think about this LOL So I'm glad and recommend the store, especially the SA man!! ;)
    THANKS ladies for support me and saying I deserve the dust bag, esp. Swanky!!! :love:
    05-01-07_1624.jpg 05-01-07_1625.jpg
  2. Aww, che bello! Very sweet of them to remember!
  3. Gee, do you speak italian??? :yahoo:
  4. did i miss your first thread about the dustbag??:wtf: :shrugs:
    Happy you got it anyway!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: Which bag you purchased???:graucho: ;)
  5. Ciao Stefyp!! ;)
    I bought the mini flap, you can see it im my page collection, it's post number 27 the one with photos :yes:
    They made a wonderful gift package, then I went to H&M in Mestre and only when I arrived at home I noticed there was the box but not the dustbag!!! :crybaby:
    PFs suggest me to phone and I did, so now they sent me the dustbag! It took a while to come, about 3 weeks but I understand it was Xmas time and they were busy!!!
  6. :nuts: :love: Great my friend!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: Enjoy it!!:yes: :heart:
  7. That is so thoughtful of Venice Chanel.
  8. What a great ending to a not so great start!