Chanel in Toronto?

  1. Hello my Canadian friends!!!! DH and I are taking our boat to Toronto in August..we will be staying at a Marina there..(not sure which one..) Would LOVE to buy a classic flap but not sure what size/color yet..HAVE to try these on!!! Where should I go? ....and would you have a rough idea how far it is from the waterfront? Any help would be great...thanx in advance...!!!!!:p
  2. There are two boutiques on bloor street (yonge and bloor intersection). One's inside holt renfrew. BLoor is about 7 subway stops from union station (closest to the harbour). Or it's about a 15 min drive/40 min walk.

    I live by the harbour and I go to school near bloor...that's why I know..LOL!
  3. Both the Chanel stand-alone boutique and Chanel Holt Renfrew boutique are in downtown Toronto on Bloor Street.

    If you are talking about the waterfront near Ontario Place, then the easiest way to get to the stores would be by public transit (TTC) or taxi. By TTC, it should take you no more than 30 minutes (including walking time and waiting) and you should get off at the Bay subway station. By taxi, you should just give them the address and they will take you to the door stop. You can search on the Chanel website for the exact addresses.
  4. Hi there and welcome to Toronto!
    You will find a Chanel boutique on Bloor St. It's only a five minute subway ride from Union station, which is very close to the waterfront.
    Have fun and show us pics of whatever you buy!:yes:
  5. if you're going to be close to the harbour front (queen's quay) then you could walk to bloor (it will be nice and lengthy walk, lots of busy streets to hit), when the weather is good, DF and i walk from his condo near the harbour front to queen st. then to the eaton center, then to bloor.

    btw, DF and i will likely be driving up to nyc in early august...we could swap places :smile:
  6. Oh shoot...sorry Emmy - I'm so slow!! I was writing you a response during the commercials of SYTYCD...LOL...but it looks like other Torontonian PFers got you covered!

    We should plan a Toronto tPF meeting during your your DH would love that...LOL!! :lol: ;)
  7. :yahoo::yahoo:
    Thanx everybody!!!!! I will post before we leave....I will be in Coburg Aug 2-4, Toronto 5-6, and Belleville Aug 7....Pray for nice weather!!! (I HATE boating in the rain lol!!!) I will def inform DH that I may be meeting some of you!!!! He will ROLL HIS EYES!!!!! I would love to have you down to the boat for a cocktail!!!! I will post again when it gets close...and if any of you are available we can meet!!!!! P.S.....Is Chanel more expensive in Canada? I will charge my I'll get the exchannge....but I think Ir ead something recently that our dollar is weaker now? I'll have to reasearch this....** Thanx **again for posting!!!! Fingers crossed we can meet!!! XOXOXO Mary Cate:tup:
  8. Yes, it is more expensive in Canada.

    Our dollar is quite high now, compared to yours, so it's a good time for Canadians to buy from the States.
  9. Emmy, what you could do is use your trip to Toronto to try on all the different styles and decide on what you want...and then order one through the Chanel boutique, Saks or NM once you're back home! I know that sort of goes against the whole point of not having to buy the bag sight unseen, but at least you'll have tried the style on before (hopefully they have a good selection for you)! And that way you get the better US price. :yes:
  10. ^Yup...I was thinking that too..I already emailed DJO to see what Saks has in inventory lol!!!! thanx shar!!!
  11. If you do plan on trying on or buying, Scott at Chanel in Holt Renfrew is a fabulous SA.

    : )

    I'm actually from Belleville. That's lovely that you get to take a boat trip. Too bad you can't stop in Kingston - I would highly recommend that. Kingston is much, much nicer than Belleville!

    (I can attest to that, I've been at university in Kingston for the last five years now!)

    Have a fabulous trip and shopping experience!

    : )