Chanel in the US?

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  1. I am visiting NYC in late Feb for my 20th birthday and get paid the day I go and will have plenty of birthday money so I figure now's the time to buy that much desired classic quilted Chanel bag.

    So, how much can I expect to pay in US $'s for the black quilted flap bag in lambskin (??) leather with silver chains and a silver CC clasp. Also would it be worth venturing to Woodbury Common with the Chanel outlet? Do they stock these style bags??

    Thanks!! xxx
  2. I like the jumbo size best!
  3. The black lambskin jumbo with silver h/w was $2,850 in November when I purchased it. The outlets will not stock this particular bag, as it is a timeless classic and never goes on sale. In fact, the price keeps increasing. Hope this helps! :welcome:Welcome to the forums, as well!
  4. I'd just get a bag from Heathrow, if I was you. Isn't UK price less or about the same as US price? At least you can save a bit of tax from Chanel at Heathrow.
  5. If you are visiting NYC, I don't think you should go to Woodbury unless you have alot of time. It takes quite a while to get there (I think 2 hours?). Plus the selection may not be so great. So, you are basically risking a day just to see what is there (unless you call the store ahead of time). Also, the tax rate in NYC is 8.38% approximately I believe. Have fun shopping here! ;)
  6. I went to Woodbury last took about an hour driving.. and i think it's a hit or miss in Woodbury sometimes they have good stuff..sometimes its it depends on your luck... and Woodbury will never have the classic flap...IMO, they only have bags that not so many people want it..
  7. I agree- I'd skip Woodbury. From what everyone else says it's pretty disappointing unless you really luck out and find a bag that wasn't popular but that you really like. I've heard stories of people going and there being no bags at all! If you want to go outlet shopping in general, it might be worth the trip to fulfill your curiosity and get deals at other places, but I'd rather spend my time in the city. Have fun!
  8. If you are looking to buy that particular bag, I'd call ahead if you have limited time.

    To just enjoy shopping eye candy and try your luck, I'd hit Chanel on Fifth Ave. and 57th, and also on Madison and ?? (Upper East Side). And Saks (with Chanel dept.) at 49th St. and Fifth Avenue. Probably also Barneys at Madison and 68th??. Barney's Coop on I think Broadway and 76th?? And if you like Bbags, Balenciaga at 22nd St. between tenth and 11th Avenues.

    Lots of other boutiques in the general area of Madison/Fifth. (Not to mention downtown).