Chanel in the Philippines?

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  1. Hi,
    does anyone know if there are any boutiques or like department stores that sell chanel bags in the Philippines?
    my mom's vacationing in the Philipinnes right now and I wanted her to check what they have there, but I can't seem to find any locations.
    TIA!! ;)
  2. I don't recall seeing any Chanel boutiques in the Philippines, but I did stop by the boutique in Guam, and the SA's there were wonderful. The prices were good, too. No tax if you are a tourist.
  3. there's no chanel store in the philippines..but there's a store in greenhills that sell secondhand designer bags ,inside the prominade..
  4. There's no chanel boutiques in the Philippines, only a few second hand store. To be sure, I suggest you to buy your chanel in HK.;)
  5. when i visit HK, is there an assurance that i would be able to get a black or white jumbo classic flap in lambskin? or is it hard to get one?
  6. enigmaLV, I go to HK around once or twice a year and it seems that they always have stock of the lambskin jumbo in black ;)

  7. No Chanel Boutiques yet but there are alot of resellers of brand new and pre-owned CC bags......:tup:
  8. hi handbaghotspot! :smile: thanks for your answer... :smile: would u know how much would it cost? also... what branch of chanel in hk would i most likely see one? thanks in advance!
  9. jO07-- i recently just read your post about purchasing a chanel in HK. I'm actually going to be there in a few weeks. I have an 8 hour stop over there. There's a chanel boutique in the airport, have you been? And if so, do they have a good selection there or do you recommend going to the boutique outside the airport? I was interested in a classic flap black maxi lambskin. Thanks!
  10. ksamonte, the chanel airport boutique has a decent selection at any given time. but with an 8 hour lay over, you may still be able to hop on the airport express and go to any of the boutiques in the city if you don't find your bag in the airport boutique.
  11. littlepea, I would suggest not to buy from Chanel resellers in Manila 'coz they jack up their prices way to high even if they are used. Better buy there in the US,IMO
  12. Hello. Sorry for bumping an old thread but what do you girls do in case you want your chanel bags to be fixed? i.e. wear and tear. I want to purchase a brand new chanel boy bag but I'm afraid I'd have problems when I intend to get a few things here and there fixed in the future (just thinking really way ahead in the future).
  13. Just get your bag fixed at doctor leather..they have some shops in greenbelt, and MOA.