Chanel in the Eastern Caribbean?

  1. Yay me! :yahoo:I'm going on a cruise at the end of August to the Eastern Caribbean! Even though I've cruised a number of times before, I'm finally getting to go to the Eastern Caribbean (after being re-routed last minute previously due to a hurricane).

    Anyway, I know that both St. Maarten and St. Thomas are known to be HUGE destinations for designer shopping -- does anyone know if or where they may sell CHANEL? If so, any hints on where they are?

    In St. M and St. T, I'm going to Philipsburg and Charlotte Amalie, respectively.

  2. Try the store locator on
    Have fun on your cruise!
  3. I was in St Thomas last year and there are no Boutiques or places that sold Chanel handbags..
    I did happen a store in Downtown that sold chanel sunglasses for 80-100 off retail.
    The malls did not have much. I might have been looking the wrong places thoug..
  4. I don't remember anymore if there are boutiques down there, but I do remember that there's so little time in port, that you really don't want to spend it shopping too much...the beaches are just so gorgeous there!! In St. Martin, we did this amazing sailing excursion and a tour of the island. In St. Thomas, we actually went over to St. John and a beach that was ranked one of the top ten in the world. This isn't really what you asked about...LOL...but I just love cruises!!! ;)